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February 19, 2024 - 14:41:31

A good soaking of the white stuff is what the wetlands can use as well as all of its wintry inhabitants. We certainly are getting that but apparently, it goes almost as fast at it comes. The end February is quickly approaching as more and more fishers are coming out of the woodwork stopping in to pick up gear and assorted accessories. Winds have calmed down, seas flattened rivers and flows moderated as we are into a period of rising air temperatures - even as some northern parts of the state have around 4? of ice. Although there is action in some of the key tidal rivers, the main thrust is with lakes, ponds and rivers. Provided the winds did not dominate, trout fishing has been above average especially, with Seeforellens. Brown, brook and rainbow trout have the trip provided anglers paid particular attention to any icy conditions, flows and water levels. Fly fishers and conventional anglers have been doing well even during periods of light to moderate snow. Live shiners drew some fierce strikes while swimmers and inline spinners did well when retrieved with variable actions faster than a snail?s pace. There were catches made with natural (live worms) and scented baits as well. Warmer structured sections of lakes and ponds continued to produce largemouth bass action. Pickerel perked up, pike hunters had some success with small northerns and panfish such as yellow perch, black crappie and bluegills. Any angler spending enough time outdoors and by the water, can feel a slow transition in weather as daylight is gaining and there are more warmer stretches bundled together. With that in mind, March can be looking up even though one or two blips of winter may rear its head. Keep in mind, from March 1 until 6:00am on the second Saturday of April, trout fishing is catch and release only statewide however, check for exceptions that might apply to your inland waters. Also, pay particular attention to native brook trout designations, other trout management areas including Trout Management Lakes (TML?s) where 1 trout at 16? is the limit from March 1st until the 2nd Saturday in April. With limited ice particularly by the shoreline, trout fishing in the TML?s should be good considering the lack of any meaningful ice cover. Look for large and smallmouth bass fishing to steadily improve. Incidentally, anyone have in a problem securing their license on line, call or swing by and if time allows, we should be able to help you out. FYI: Don?t forget to secure your trout and salmon stamp since March is looking optimistic for those Atlantic salmon leapers. Targeting catch/release holdover striped bass in any of the productive upper tidal rivers will invariably require an inland fishing license so, keep that in mind. Additionally, if you have not given serious thought for servicing your equipment, now is the time before it gets too late to get it back in a timely fashion. Pay us a visit at 21 Boston Post Road, Madison and you will see why we say, ?We don?t make the fisherman, we make the fisherman better.?

February 12, 2024 - 15:35:09

Air temperatures gradually crept upward until we broke 50?F when southerly winds pushed warmer air onshore. Word spread quickly that a European strain of seeforellen brown trout were stock around the state. Anglers converged at inland lakes and ponds only to find out the there was enough crusty ice to prevent small vessels from launching and/or casting from shore to any open water. Vehicles loaded up with gear created mini tailgate parties as anglers hung around just to see if the rising sun would break up the ice. In most case, it did not and those gatherings eventually dispersed. By the weekend, it was a different story as ice on many of the lakes and ponds melted and anglers returned for a crack at the seefs that were recently stocked. In addition to the seefs, bass, pickerel, a limited number of norther pike and panfish became accessible targets and prior to dropping temps, there was a decent bite. From live/scented baits to artificials including flies, anglers were anxious to take advantage of the short stretch of springtime weather yet leave enough time to return to the homestead for Super Bowl. LVIII - a rematch of Super Bowl LIV. With the temperature break, squeezing in time to acquire a fishing licenses for those who have not done so earlier became a last minute thought and rush. The Sound also saw some activity from fishers that needed a winter break. Getting out by the saltwater to make several casts was something to do - more of a warm up for the upcoming season than an exercise in catch and release. The upper key tidal rivers however, did see some striped bass activity as water temps bumped up a degree or two. Hard/soft lures including swimmers, spoons and jigs were lures to try for catch/release holdovers. Pay us a visit at 21 Boston Post Road, Madison and you will see why we say, ?We don?t make the fisherman, we make the fisherman better.?

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