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July 15, 2024 - 10:00:14

The weather has been keeping the offshore action to a minimum according to Danny at the Goose Hummock Shop who was scheduled to head out with Captain Phil to the canyon the next day. That big 45-footer is fast and seaworthy and will be at their destination in short order. Locally the tuna have moved off Crab Ledge and the Sword and the striper fishing has been good in Cape Cod Bay with good reports from Scorton creek and Scorton Ledge to Billingsgate where a few charter skippers were jigging up some shorts and a few slot bass. Ian and a friend fished Cape Cod Bay on Saturday night and caught some slot fish in the 29-inch class on artificials. The shop has been very busy as parents and kids are buying freshwater outfits and Danny has been rigging a single hook and float on them. Once they watch those bobbers come alive, we will have many more fishermen join our ranks.

July 15, 2024 - 10:00:14

Reporting from Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans, Griffin let everyone know that Herring Pond in Eastham is one of the hottest Cape Cod largemouth bass waters at this time, and that anglers there are doing well with chartreuse Senkos and swimbaits. (Griffin also suggested offering live shiners which he believes are the best baits for big bass.) Long Pond in Brewster/Harwich is also producing largies and smallies. Smalls Pond, which is near Long Pond, is yielding big pickerel on small Rapalas and various jerkbaits.

July 08, 2024 - 08:31:27

Every person working in the Goose Hummock Shop was busy with a customer every time I called until I was able to speak with Danny. He builds some of the best tuna tackle in house in his offshore workshop on the lower level of their well-stocked fishing tackle department. The wind and storms have shut down a lot of offshore trips, but this week Captain Phil will be making his first Canyon trip, and his crew is looking forward to those prospects. The striper fishing on Monomoy has been hot and cold but the Cape Cod Bay side has been giving up some good striper fishing from Scorton Creek to Billingsgate and right at P-Town. The tuna bite at Crab Ledge and the Sword had shut down as the fish moved off after the last blow. Freshwater fishing in Nickerson State Park is very good as evidenced by all the campers who are staying there and fishing most of the ponds. Stop in for all your inshore and offshore needs.

July 08, 2024 - 08:31:27

Ian at Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans reported on his latest freshwater fishing trip. He and his friend tried for largemouth bass in a local pond and scored four on wacky-rigged Gary Yamamoto plastic worms and a couple, including a 5-pounder, on Booyah frogs in lily pads. Ian could not reveal the name of the pond but said all Cape Cod ponds with a population of largemouth bass are producing now. He also mentioned that 6:00 p.m. into dark is an excellent time to angle for Cape largemouths.

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phone: 508-255-0455

For centuries the shifting, grass topped dunes of Nauset Beach have formed the only barrier between the North Atlantic and the narrow arm of Outer Cape Cod. The only opening in miles of unbroken surf between Provincetown and Chatham is the narrow cut known as Nauset Inlet at Orleans. Here, winter and summer, the ever moving tides ebb and flow between the sea and Orleans Town Cove and Eastham Salt Pond, draining and flooding the vast salt meadows of Nauset Marsh. Since the days of the early tribes of Cape Cod Indians, the wide expanse of Nauset Marsh has been the winter refuge of great flights of migrating ducks and geese. In this same marsh, the Indian hunters of the Nauset Tribe, early white settlers, market gunners, and today’s sportsman hunter have all sought these wary waterfowl. Over the years, the largest most prized of these birds has been the Canada Goose. A small outcropping of marsh grass, forming a tiny island scarcely twenty yards in diameter backed by a broad salt meadow and surrounded by a tidal channel near the southerly end of Nauset Marsh, has for generations been called Goose Hummock by the hunters of Cape Cod. Goose Hummock has created a favored resting and feeding location for countless flights of geese winging their weary way over the dunes of Nauset. It was at Goose Hummock that the market hunter crouched shivering behind cakes of ice, waiting for a sight of these great water fowl. Goose Hummock has seen teams of young geese, reared in captivity and trained as live decoys, released as flyers to lure the flights of wild geese within range of the hunter's gun. It was in the creek and water holes around Goose Hummock that Willis Gould, formerly a market hunter, experimented with and perfected his now famous floating cork decoys. It was also at this same spot, sheltered behind a high dune, that there stood a small gunning stand which bore a weathered sign, "Goose Hummock Camp". The camp only cost $105 with a good part of the building fashioned from driftwood found along the outer beach. Winter seas pounded and washed away at the high dune so that the camp had to be moved several times over the years. Finally, in a great winter blizzard several years ago, mountainous seas broke through the dune and destroyed "Goose Hummock Camp". Later storms have washed sand clear around the little grass island, and Goose Hummock may in time be completely covered. Willis Gould, his son Bill, and Sarge Sargent, could foresee the day when the relentless tides and surf might finally win the battle against the little island, leaving nothing of it but a memory. So, when these three built the first sporting goods store on the Outer Cape in 1946, they named it Goose Hummock Shop. Goose Hummock Shop soon outgrew its original building in East Orleans and was moved to the center of Orleans. Then in 1950, its present home was built on Town Cove near the Eastham town line. In the winter of 1953, Goose Hummock Shop was doubled in size. So, as the original little grass island in Nauset Marsh is being sanded into memories, the bearer of its name, the "Goose Hummock Shop", continues to grow in size and service. Their staff hopes to continue in this manner, supplying the Cape Cod outdoorsman with the highest quality hunting, fishing, sporting, marine boating supplies and accessories available. As always, preserving a reputation for knowledgeable and conscientious service is their aim.