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May 16, 2022 - 10:27:30

Brian from J&J Sports in Patchogue reported lots of action in the surf. Bass are being picked on bunker chunks and popping plugs in the early mornings and evenings along the Patchogue and Blue Point shorelines. The local docks in Patchogue and surrounding areas have treated shorebound fishermen well with a mix of bluefish, stripers and the occasional weakfish too. Brian also mentioned Bass have been at the bridges to the east of the shop after dark and can be caught using finesse lures like Bass Assassins and Fin-S Fish. White or pink are good colors to use.

May 16, 2022 - 10:27:30

John at J&J Sports in Patchogue said largemouth bass have been aggressive hitting top water plugs before the sun gets too high. Later in the day, switch to a plastic worm (Texas Rigged Worm) slowly fishing the heavy cover. During the day live shiners have been very effective on both bass and pickerel fished with or without a float. For consistent action, nightcrawlers fished with a float will get you panfish and the occasional bass or pickerel. Great Patchogue Lake has been one of the places providing consistent action. The lakes thick grass cover gives fish the shade they need to thrive and seek out the baitfish.

May 16, 2022 - 10:22:43

John at J&J Sports in Patchogue said they are starting to hear more reports of bluefish at the local docks. Bluefish have also appeared around the bays and inlets. People are still catching bluefish at Smith Point County Park and Cupsogue Beach County Park off the beach with poppers or jigs (tins). Chunking with bunker or mackerel has worked well too. Some nice striped bass are being caught throughout Great South Bay. Some of the Patchogue locals reported Patchogue's Mascot Dock had a few slot sized striped bass as well. If you plan on using bait, then sandworms, clams and bunker are the key baits. Local boaters are reporting fish right outside Patchogue River, many of these anglers are using small swim shads, Bass Assassin, poppers and tins. Reports of some weakfish being caught at Smith Point Bridge, Shinnecock Canal, Peconic Bays and at the local docks! Small soft plastics and swimming plugs like the Spy minnow and Mag darters or soft plastics are all great choices. These fish have been caught during incoming water so try to focus on the higher points of the tides. Fluke season opened with a "pop" and already people are doing well at Robert Moses State Park, Shinnecock Inlet and the Peconic Bays. Try drifting whole squid for more keepers. Gulp baits do a great job too. Try them on the end of a bucktail. Once again porgy fishing has been very productive. If you want quality and quantity, go to the North Shore or Peconic Bays, but you can also find porgies at Shinnecock Canal and local south shore inlets. A mix of clams and sandworms has been very effective, with anglers reaching their limit in no time. If on the boat, chumming will help extend the bite and keep the fish in your area longer.

May 09, 2022 - 09:46:24

John at J&J Sports in Patchogue said trout, white perch and carp are all there for the taking. Locally, West Lake has plenty of brown and rainbow trout for the taking.  Small lures or nightcrawlers will do fine.  Head over to Carmans for some pretty good white perch fishing.  Drop a nightcrawler or "dough ball" down to the bottom and hold on to the rod.  The drag will scream for a frisky fight from one of these freshwater giants.

May 09, 2022 - 09:46:24

Pablo from J&J Sports in Patchogue reported the docks at Patchogue, Blue Point and Sayville are all seeing stripers around the higher points of the tide on popping plugs, bunker chunks and clam. He said before the wind, the stripers had bunker pinned onto the shore around the Blue Point area and a blitz took place. Pablo also mentioned the bite at the bridge around Smith Point has been consistent with schoolie bass and slot fish after dark on soft plastics and swimming plugs.

May 09, 2022 - 09:41:31

John at J&J Sports in Patchogue said the big news this week is the solid weakfish bite. Anglers have found fish from the Patchogue River to Sayville, with some fish going 28 inches. Blues have started showing up at Patchogue's Mascot Dock, with fish to 5 pounds chomping on bunker and mackerel, or a popping plug. Weakfish catches have also been reported by the Smith Point Bridge and in the Narrows bay area. Anglers fishing for porgies also have a chance of hooking a spring run "tide-runner." Try drifting a small pink rubber shad on a Hi-Lo rig tipped with a squid strip or a whole sandworm to score at this time of year. Weakfish are excellent table fare. The striped bass fishing has continued to get better in the eastern bays with reports coming in from the local docks as well as from the boat guys. While most of the fish are still schoolies some decent size keepers have been increasing in the mix. Swimming plugs and soft plastics continue to be very effective on these spring fish as well sandworms, fresh clams and bunker chunks. Bunker seem to be the bait of choice for the bigger fish, probably due to the amount of bunker that are in the Bay. The early fluke season has rewarded anglers with some decent catches. You can't be successful unless you get out there and try. We have gotten reports of keepers mixed in with shorts from Moriches, Fire Island, as well as in the Peconics. A squid and spearing combo fished on a bucktail have both been successful. Porgy action has started to heat up with the Peconics providing some early season results. There’s still time for flounder. If you’re in the Quogue Canal or the Smith Point County Park Bridge area, it’s worth a try. A little clam or sandworm on a #9 Chestertown hook is all you may need.

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