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Pelagic Outfitters

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51 West Montauk Hwy
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
phone: 631-225-TUNA

Pelagic Outfitters was born from two buddies, Chris and Doug, who share a passion for fishing. It is said that if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life and that is exactly how they’ve felt since opening their doors. Affiliating with fellow anglers and helping to enhance their fishing success is what they strive for. Pelagic Outfitters is geared to be the type of shop that Chris and Doug have always dreamed about but could never find. There are many "Bait & Tackle" shops out thee, however, those that carry top notch gear with knowledgeable personnel to thoroughly educate customers on specific products, their application and fishing techniques are few and far between. Pre-packaged rigs and off the shelf leaders is the norm in most retail tackle establishments but not at Pelagic Outfitters. Chris makes his own Topshots and Wind-Ons and is skilling in spooling Spectra. The duo perform reel repair on the premises rather than filling out paperwork and shipping your reel to the manufacturer. They can tell you the unique differences between rods, not only with respect to the target species you, but the desired action and applied technique. The only difference between Pelagic Outfitters and the “other guy” is what Chris and Doug bring to the table. Living in the internet age, consumers can go online and buy anything from anyone. Pelagic Outfitters exists to offer you something that seems to be disappearing; knowledgeable customer service. Chris and Doug want to build a personalized relationship with you and offer the detailed instruction and attentiveness that will improve your catch.