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January 25, 2021 - 15:35:55

The folks at Star Island Yacht Club report a few cod are coming back to the table when the wind are not gusting. Block Island seems to be the choice area from most fishermen, although there are cod to 25-pounds swimming off of Cartwright and the CIA Grounds. Clams and hi/lo rigs with pink or chartreuse teasers are working well. Some ling, cunners and even whiting are mixing in with the cod.

January 25, 2021 - 15:13:34

December 21, 2020 - 11:03:20

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports gusty winds put a damper in fishing efforts during much of December, however when the few boats that are left in the water were able to get out of the inlet, the southwest corner of Block Island is chock full of goodies including cod, sea bass, red hake, sea perch and scup. Coxes Ledge has also been productive, especially for cod, red hake and sea bass. The 140-foot depth seems to be holding the most life. Blackfish season ended with fireworks at Southwest Ledge as many fish in the 8 to 10-pound class made a late and strong showing with green and white crabs nailing the monster white chins. The shop is open every day except for Sunday’s with store hours being 7 A.M. to 4 P.M.

November 30, 2020 - 15:08:43

Mike from Star Island Yacht Club in Montauk reported great bottom action with cod, sea bass, and tog coming over the rail. The bite has been best close to Block Island waters. Mike also noted the number of impressive tog being landed. Hopefully we have a mild winter making this fishing most enjoyable.

November 23, 2020 - 09:33:10

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports blackfish remains red hot from Fishers Island, Southwest Ledge, and the Cartwright Grounds with green and white crabs producing fish to 12-pounds. Cod and sea bass remain plentiful south of Block Island in 130-feet of water chewing on clams and diamond jigs. Porgies remain closer inshore by Block Island eating clams. The store is now on their winter schedule of 7A.M. to 4 P.M. every day except for Sunday’s which will be close. .

November 16, 2020 - 09:31:22

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports blackfishing remains strong with a lot more bigger fish to 12-pounds being brought back to the dock since Friday. Fishers Island, Southwest Ledge, and Cartwright Grounds are all producing well on green and white crabs. Cod and sea bass continue to build south of Block Island in the 220 to the 145-foot depths. Clams on hi-low rigs is the method of choice.

November 09, 2020 - 09:40:23

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports, blackfishing remains steady with Fishers and Block Island producing the best fishing using green and white crab at the change of tide. Standard rigs and jigs tipped with crab are producing well. Sea bass, and cod are south of Block Island. Stripers remain along the northside from Shagwong to the lighthouse and then again at the point. Most are shorts with an occasional keeper. Bluefish are true gorilla size fish enjoying easy pickings on huge schools of bunker leaving the bays and harbors. Anglers wading the beaches are finding good bass action from the North Bar to under the light.

November 02, 2020 - 15:58:28

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports a red-hot blackfish bite taking hold anywhere from the harbor jetties, Shagwong Reef, Cerberus Shoals, the Pocketbook Grounds, and at Fishers Island with the best bite occurring at the change of tide. Green and white crabs are producing well. Standard rigs and Joebaggs Togzilla Jigs tipped with crab working their magic. Sea bass, porgies, and cod are still holding their ground south of Block Island, although dogfish are knocking down the fort. Get away from the dogs, and you’ll do well with the tasty bottom dwellers. One of the marina boats did just that and had 10 market size cod to 9-pounds on Wednesday. Stripers remain along the northside from Shagwong to the lighthouse and then again in the rips at the point. Most of the bass are schoolies mixed with some blues and a few albies that remain. Joebaggs Resin Jigs and Fat Cow Epoxy Jigs are giving light tackle enthusiast and fly rod anglers the time of their lives around the Shagwong buoy. Anglers wading the beaches are finding good bass action from the North Bar to under the light.

October 26, 2020 - 09:45:47

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports bass fishing remains insane at the point as well as along the north and south sides. Diamond jigs remain the best and easiest method. Albacore and blues are everywhere from Gin Beach to Turtle Cove, under the light, and along the southside from the point to Amagansett. Joebaggs Resin Jigs in olive and pink producing best. Blackfish are at all the local rockpiles and reefs with fish to 8-pounds. Green crabs are best. Jumbo sea bass, porgies and green cod are off Block Island chewing down clams and diamond jigs. Cod to 15-pounds are in 13 to 140- of water south of Block Island and are mixed with giant sea bass to 6-pounds. Using 8 to 10-ounce hammer finished diamond jigs or clam baits on hi/lo rigs are producing the best catches.

October 19, 2020 - 09:45:21

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports bass fishing remains all you want just off the point on diamond jigs. Bucktails and live bait will also catch well. There isn’t as many big fish around, but there sure are a lot of slot size fish around. Blackfish are at all the rockpiles including along the west side of the harbor jetty. Green crabs are catching fish to 7-pounds. Albies, school stripers, and bluefish are smashing Joebaggs Resin Jigs along the north side from Shagwong to Montauk Point. Sea bass and porgies are east of Fishers Island, extending to Block Island.

October 12, 2020 - 10:09:37

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports loads of stripers ranging from shorts to cows of over 40-pounds hitting diamond jigs right at the point. Surfcasters who are swimming out to their favorite rock are also scoring big during the day and night tides with tins and diamonds duping the bass during the daylight hours, while pencil poppers do the trick after dark. The False and North bars has also been producing well this week. The boats that are getting out fishing has been relying on diamond jigs or by trolling tubes and bucktails at the Elbow, Great Eastern Rock and the Midway rips. Sea bass and porgies continues to be fantastic when the boats can get to them with Block Island producing the best scup action, while sea bass range from the windmill farm to the Frisbee Grounds. Sharks, mainly blue dogs were caught early in the week before the major blow, while there were no reports of tuna due to sea conditions.

October 05, 2020 - 09:48:29

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports striped bass fishing remains unbelievable out in front of the lighthouse, the Elbow and Great Eastern. Diamond jigs are catching bass upwards of 50-pounds. Although there was a lot of cow bass caught and released during this week’s full moon tides, plenty of keeper bass were also taken. Even the guys working the surf during the evening ebb tide did well on black and yellow darters and swimmers under the Light, the False and North Bars. Sea bass and porgy fishing has been red hot fishing near Block Island and at the windmill farm. Albacore and bluefish have been thick east and west of the harbor jetties. Fat Cow Epoxy Jigs, Joebaggs Resin Jigs, Deadly Dicks, and cripple Herring are all producing well. Fluke fishing ended on a high note with the Montauk Star enjoying a solid ending fish by the Radar Tower.

September 28, 2020 - 09:33:13

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports excellent striped bass fishing on diamond jigs in the rips out in front this week. A lot of keeper size bass are coming back to the dock. Some bluefish are mixing in. Bill aboard is boat “Doc Rat” caught and released close to 50 bass this week. Star Island owner Sam Gersfowitz and his crew had a limit of slot size bass, releasing over 40 others aboard the “Little Marlana”. Before the big fan turned on Sam and his crew took the “Little Marlana” fluking, putting 12 fish to 6-pounds into the box. False albacore are right outside the harbor from both sides of the jetties and along both the north and south sides. Joebaggs Resin Jigs in pink, emerald green and olive colors are the hot item. Sea bass and porgies have been best at Block Island but are also at the Pocketbook Grounds and at the windmills. Fluke fishing was good until the big blow, then it became a spotty slow pick to pretty much finish up a somewhat mixed fluke season.

September 21, 2020 - 12:38:55

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports real good fluke fishing off the Cartwright and North Grounds as well as by the Radar Tower. Owner of Sam’s Star Island Yacht Club Sam Gershowitz and his friends jumped on Sam’s “Little Marlana” early this week nailing 15 big keepers with two 10-pounders, then went out the next day for 12 more keeper fluke including one at over 9-pounds. The Montauk Star had a great week with lots of limits the whole week until the northeast winds moved in just in time for the weekend. Mike weighed a load of fish from 8 to 11-pounds caught aboard the Star. Sea bass remains spectacular fishing anywhere from the windmills to Southwest Ledge with most boats coming back to the dock with limits of big biscuits to 5-pound. The Fin Chaser berthed alongside of the Montauk Star has been returning from the Block Island grounds with anglers toting off coolers of big porgies and jumbo sea bass. Albacore, bonito, and bluefish are all over the north and south sides of Montauk hitting Fat Cow Epoxy Jigs in pink, green, and olive all working great. Blues are all over the point also whacking Jigs, while Southwest Ledge is loaded with big stripers with some slot fish mixed with the cow bass all taken on the troll with umbrella rigs and parachutes. .

September 14, 2020 - 09:37:39

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports Nick Racanolli took his boat the “Free Nicky” to the west one day this week and put a pair of big eye tuna of 250-pounds in the box along with some yellowfin and other exotic species. In general, tuna fishing remains strong either trolling or jigging. Closer to home, albacore and bluefish are all around the point for both boatman and surfcasters to enjoy. Fluke fishing has been sporadic; however Mike has been weighing fluke to 11-pounds. Sea bass and porgy fishing remains solid.

September 08, 2020 - 09:31:27

At Star Island Yacht Club, Mike reports the bluefin and yellowfin craze continues as most boats are coming back to the dock with up to 6 fish to 60-pounds. Jigging between the CIA Grounds and Ranger Wreck continues to be holding massive amounts of tuna, including long fin albacore, skip jacks and false albacore. Shark fishing has also been good with Mike weighing in some big threshers this week. Closer to home the false albies have moved in but remain out of reach for the surfcasters. The boats are using Epoxy Jigs and Daddy Mac’s to catch the albies. Fluke fishing remains good as Sam Gershowwitz fishing aboard his boat the “Little Marlana” had their limit of fluke to 6-pounds and a limit of sea bass to 4-pounds. Sea bass and porgy fishing remains exceptional on just about any rock pile. Striped bass fishing continues to be good off Southwest Ledge on live bait or by trolling wire line and parachutes.

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Star Island Yacht Club attracts a wide variety of people with a passion for cruising and fishing year-round. Boaters and fishermen come from all over the Island and and the East Coast to enjoy the excitement of seasonal sport fishing and access to an extensive fleet of charter boats. Star Island is also host to many fishing tournaments, cruising club rendezvous, and catered events, as well as Star Island’s own planned tournaments which includes its renowned annual shark tournament. With its unique resemblance to a star floating on the ocean, Star Island Yacht Cub has come a long way from the boat yard it once was. Sam Gershowitz and his team have transformed it into a prime destination for East Coast boaters. “It’s a beautiful place,” Gershowitz says with pride. “It’s a yacht club and a marina, and we cater to people here.” No marina in the area offers more facilities and services. The Ship’s Store is one of Long Island’s largest tackle shops with bait of every type, an expert staff, marine supplies, marine safety equipment, boat batteries, collectors’ items, groceries, and a full service repair department. Visitors can sit down for a casual breakfast, lunch and dinner at Star Deck Restaurant which serves fresh locally caught seafood, and spend Saturday nights enjoying live poolside music and dancing overlooking Lake Montauk. With all it has to offer, Star Island Yacht Club is an inviting club and marina for all.