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October 18, 2021 - 10:30:36

From WeGo Bait and Tackle they told me the albies showed up in force on the North Fork. Kenny’s McCabes all the way to the point had plenty of them for the casters. Stripers have been making a good showing too. Right before dark and after dark have been the best times to target them. Eels, and swimming plugs like SP Minniow, Mag Darters, and bucktails have been caught the bass. Small weakfish are still being caught in the creeks in the Peconics. They also let me know the surf tog bite has been red hot near any boulder you can find close to shore. A jig or rig baited with a fresh piece of green crab is the ticket.

October 18, 2021 - 10:27:08

Steve from WeGo Bait and Tackle in Southold reports blackfish are off to a great start about anywhere that has a pile of rocks in the Sound. The shallow water ranging from 10 to 25-foot in depth has been the place to be anywhere from the north side of Plum Island and along the Sound beaches from Rocky to Hortons Points, Green crabs on blackfish jigs makes the sport plain and simple during this early going with keepers ranging from 4 to 7 pounds. Big scup and sea bass are chewing down worms, clams, squid, and jigs out in the Sound and around Fishers Island, Pidgeon’s Rip, and Bulldog Reef. The beaches are seeing suds surfers enjoy good shots and blitzes of bluefish, striped bass, false albacore and even a few weakfish that are crushing Joe Baggs Sand Eel Jigs, Joe Baggs Resin Jigs, and Joe Baggs Swarter Plugs. Suds Surfers who are fishing worms, clams, squid strips and green crabs on bottom rigs are having fun with porgies, weakfish, and blackfish. Truman’s Beach, Hortons Point Lighthouse, and Fifty-Seven Steps are all producing both the gamesters and groundfish.

October 11, 2021 - 09:28:33

From WeGo Bait and Tackle they reported the surf fishing is great out on the North Fork. Trumans beach has had plenty of bass in the keeper range along with McCabes beach. During the day you can’t go wrong with small bucktails, while after dark Mag Darters and SP Minnows are getting the job done.

October 11, 2021 - 09:26:40

Steve from WeGo Bait and Tackle in Southold reports most of the fishing has shifted into the Race and Sound. Blackfish will be best if you fish the shallow water north of Plum, Big and Little Gull Islands. The togs will be close to the islands in 10 to 15 feet of water with blackfish jigs tipped with green crabs being the best option. Along the Sound, Rocky, Mulford and Hortons Points also in the 10 to 15-feet of water with jigs and crabs will provide the best action. Porgy fishing remains insane during an easing tide inside Plum Gut, the Sluiceway, and the Race. Jigs and clam baits remain the best choice for the scup. Sea bass fishing is also on fire in the Sound and by Race Point off Fishers Island. Clatter and diamond jigs are catch plenty of big knot heads as are hi/low rigs with clams and squid. Bluefish have been solid in the Race on diamond jigs and three-by-three rigs with bucktails. Stiped bass fishing became wild this weekend despite the weather in the Plum Gut and the Race also slamming bucktails on three-by-three rigs. False albacore are keeping beach fishermen busy along with bluefish, stripers and even weakfish with all species in love with Joe Baggs Patriot baits, Joe Baggs Sand Eel Jigs, and Joe Baggs Resin Jigs. Bottom fisherman along the beaches are catching plenty of porgies on worms, clams, and squid. Some blues and weakfish are also being taken on the porgy rigs. Inside the Peconic’s, the weakfish are on their way out, while some nice porgies are still hitting bottom rigs tipped with worms, clams, and squid around buoy sixteen.

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