FISH TACO SALAD - The Fisherman


Super adaptable to any firm fish, and heavy on the healthy side, we fishermen can serve up some mighty tasty dishes with today’s catch! Prepared this way, you can make the best Fish Tacos for the family. Or you can skinny it up and make an ultra health conscious salad that will knock your socks off! Easy and quick go a long way. Start with a thin filet cut into serving size pieces. The shoulder cut from a Striped Bass works great here, as does a Tuna loin. Slice about one half inch thick and pat them dry on a paper towel. While your nonstick frying pan is on medium heat, coat all sides of the fish with a packet of taco seasoning. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan. Raise the heat a bit and place the filets in the pan. Lightly cook on both sides to your liking. Sear about two minutes on the first side, and one minute on the second side and plate your fish.

Romaine or Iceberg lettuce topped with some bleu cheese, chopped tomato, salsa and Ranch dressing will go so well with this fish that it will be a mind blowing entrée that will become a family favorite. Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese goes great here as well. Plate your fish on the side, or on top of the salad for an impressive display. This makes a nice change for a light summertime alternative to Nachos or Antipasto salad when made on a large serving dish for parties. Add some tortilla chips to complete the dish. To go all in for Fish Tacos, simply use a readymade soft or hard taco dinner kit from the market. Prepare your fish and put it on your taco shell. Top with a slice of fresh avocado, some cheese, lettuce, chopped tomato and a bit of sour cream for the best fish taco that you ever had! Enjoy!