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Alberto’s Knot

Alberto Knie is well-known to The Fisherman readers as a hardcore striped bass surf angler, who is also equally at home targeting big blackfish and traveling south to wrestle trophy snook. Nicknamed “Crazy” Alberto for his extreme dedication, he never leaves anything to chance, including his knots. That’s why he created the Alberto’s Knot to connect a heavy mono or fluoro leader to a braided gelspun line. It’s a superb knot testing out at virtually 100 percent of the unknotted line, and it’s relatively easy to tie, even at night with a headlamp to light up your work.

Before tying, rub about ten inches of the braided line’s tag end with your thumbnail to remove any excess surface coating. This helps the braid grab better for a strong, non-slip knot. Alberto recommends making seven wraps up and then down the doubled leader. Be sure to pass the tag end of the braid through the loop in the same direction that the braided line first entered the loop. When closing the knot tight, if any wraps become loose and criss-cross, re-tie the knot.

NOTE: For illustration purposes, 80-pound-test HI-VIS TUF-Line Dacron was used for the photos taken by Linda Barrett. The orange line represents the mono leader, yellow the braided running line.

Step 1
Form a loop in the heavy mono and insert the tag end of the braid through the loop.

Step 2
Make seven tight wraps up the leader loop.

Step 3
Make seven tight wraps down the leader loop.

Step 4
Pass the tag end of the braid through the mono loop in the same direction as it entered.

Step 5
Pull on all four legs of the lines. You may have to push the braid with your fingertips.

Step 6
Pull on the main line and the leader to firmly set the knot. Trim the tag end before fishing.