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Fluke – Bucktail Rig

Fluke - Bucktail Rig
Extremely effective and fun to fish, bucktails often provoke aggressive strikes from summer flounder and result in significantly fewer gut-hooked shorts than fishing bait alone. Because the angler must work the jig to give it lifelike action, strikes are felt instantly and the connection between fish and angler is strong and sharp.

For this rig, the bucktail serves as both weight and lure, while a lighter fly, teaser or unweighted soft plastic bait provides a second hook presented slightly higher in the water column. Fish this rig on a 45-degree angle to the water so that the higher hook will remain fairly close to the bottom. Twitch the rod lightly every few moments to evoke a hit. Most anglers tip both the bucktail and teaser with a small strip of squid, sand eel or spearing.