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Weakfish – Tandem Bucktail Rig

Weakfish - Tandem Bucktail Rig
Similar to the high-low rig, the tandem bucktail rig allows anglers to present two offerings at once. In this case, a larger bucktail serves as the primary weight and glides along the bottom while a smaller, ligher bucktail rides slightly higher in the water column. Tip the lower bucktail with a strip of squid, fish or artificial strip bait. Tip the higher bucktail with a spearing, sand eel or piece of sandworm. The bucktails can be of similar type and color, or experiment with different looks to see if one produces better than another. Work this rig by bouncing it slowly along the bottom while drifting, or by using short, sharp twitches to bring it to life when weakfish are in an aggressive feeding mood.