As the price of fiberglass boats, four-stroke outboards and fuel spirals out of control, a door has been opened for small, lightweight and portable coastal fishing craft that require neither gasoline nor propulsion machinery, making them eminently affordable to anyone who can hold a rod. And the best part? Going down this road will also give you a healthy cardiovascular workout, even if the fish aren’t biting.

Hobie’s Mirage series of fishing kayaks currently includes a total of eight models: the Mirage Sport; Mirage Outback; Mirage Revolution 11; Mirage Revolution 13; Mirage Outfitter; Mirage Oasis; Mirage ProAngler 12; and the Mirage ProAngler 14.

But Hobie innovation does not stop with its boats. A series of fishing-friendly accessories make it possible for anglers to customize their kayaks to fit their own special needs. The new Horizontal Rod Holder lets anglers store rods along either or both sides of their vessel. The Hobie eight-gallon livewell features a high-flow, self-priming pump, a six-volt sealed gel cell battery and an adjustable drain. Turbo Fins can increase boat speed by over ten percent and an inflatable Sidekick Ama Kit (think Hawaiian Outrigger) provides extra stability while standing. There’s also an eVolve electric motor kit that’s powered by a manganese battery pack and a featherweight Torqueedo electric drive.

The defining feature on Hobie’s fishing kayaks is their patented MirageDrive. The self-centering padded pedals are connected to two underwater flippers, much like penguin wings, and are locked and unlocked from the kayak with the Click and Go system. Steering is controlled via oversized fingertip steering handles on the left side, making it easy to cast, hook, and land fish while maneuvering to that secret spot. The rudder can be rotated out of the way for slicing through weeds in very shallow water and for transport or storage.

Rudder steering lines are made from Spectra, the world’s strongest fiber, up to 15 times stronger than quality steel of the same size. The combination of the MirageDrive, the rudder and the hull design ensures a stable ride and enables anglers to cover long distances with little or no fatigue, even against the current or in windy conditions. Another benefit of all Hobie kayaks is that they meet the National Marine Manufacturers Association certification requirements for positive flotation.

There is no learning curve on any of Hobie’s fishing boats. Easy to use, stable and efficient, they offer alternatives to traditional fishing boats with enough speed to get to the best spots quickly. Hobie boats do not use gas and they can sneak under the radar like a stealth fighter into places that powerboats can’t, like rocky shallows, sand flats, up narrow creek channels and over prop-snagging vegetation. All models maneuver easily on shallow flats, rivers, lakes and large bays, plus they are easy to transport and store.

All Hobie kayaks are constructed of seamless roto-molded polyethylene hulls and are designed with an open-deck construction and angler-friendly features, including molded-in utility trays, rodholders with caps, room for tackle and ample storage. MirageDrive models feature oversized steering handles for precision control. Two-piece paddles and deluxe, padded back-support seatbacks are included with every model. According to the Hobie engineering folks, they start with designs created in-house and then have aluminum molds built by a quality mold maker to their specifications. Hobie’s plastic is a specially formulated linear polyethylene. The colors, UV package and other additives are compounded into the plastic for long lasting color fastness and stability. They employ custom roto-mold ovens, which enables them to get the best plastic distribution. Most Hobie kayaks are offered in a variety of color choices including Caribbean Blue, Red Hibiscus, Golden Papaya, Ivory Dune and Olive, so you can choose the hue that suits your personality.

Standard features on the Hobie Mirage Revo 13 include a Twist and Stow rudder, which is there when you need it, and gone when you don’t; a large bow hatch with tie-downs; a carry handle in the bow; sail mount for optional Mirage sail kit; patented Mirage pedal drive; rudder up/down fingertip control and rudder left/right control on port side; twist-and-seal eight-inch dry stowage hatches amidships and aft; mesh stowage pocket on starboard side; a starboard cup holder amidships; carry handles amidships; high-back padded seat with self-inflating lumber support; rear cargo area; dual vertical rodholders port and starboard; two-piece paddles; plus a flat stowage area aft with bungee tie-downs. The MSRP of the Mirage Hobie Revo 13 is $1,849.