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Marine Conservation Looks Good On You. Kudos to the Huk Waypoint Collection!



Who hasn’t seen it? Take a stroll down any beach, harbor, or bay anywhere in the world. Fish off a jetty or a pier. It may have floated by you while kayaking, or while fishing 100 miles offshore. Plastic. It just seems to be everywhere and it’s not good. Scientists estimate that more than 11 million metric tons of plastic are entering our ocean every year.  Ocean trash has serious consequences for the health of our fisheries, and people. Fish and birds can get tangled in plastics six pack harnesses, fish can mistake plastics for food. It’s a contaminant lethal to fish, shellfish and the entire marine environment. According to scientists plastic has been found in 59% of sea birds like albatross and pelicans, in 100% of sea turtle species, and more than 25% of fish sampled from seafood markets around the world. Think about it, the fish we catch or buy at the market may have ingested plastic and then we eat the fish. Again, this is not good, but just as someone put the plastic in the oceans, others are taking it out and repurposing it in positive ways. That’s why when we heard Huk, a leader in angler apparel, developed the Waypoint line of clothing made from recycled plastics bottles we had to take a closer look.


You just gotta love the commitment Huk demonstrates by developing a line of performance clothing made from the very substance that’s polluting our waterways. It all starts with plastic waste. Huk partnered with REPREVE® to incorporate these recycled materials into its Waypoint line to help reduce plastic pollution. The collection will have the same unique Huk style but with an eco-friendly twist. On average, nine recycled plastic bottles are used to create one item in the Waypoint collection. The blended fabric provides flexibility and stretches while maintaining its shape and fit. The bottles are sanitized, pulverized, melted, and extruded into fibers that are then woven into yarn to create their lightest and softest fabric yet. The result goes beyond addressing the serious marine pollution problem, these fabrics are incredibly smooth, comfortable, breathable and of course, Huk creates the coolest designs in fishing fashions. The Huk Waypoint line is the perfect way to look good, protect your skin and add function to your apparel while fishing and simultaneously doing your part to protect our fisheries. The Huk Waypoint lineup delivers exceptional performance with an emphasis on conservation.


We had the opportunity to test the Huk Waypoint Running Lakes Hoodie in their very cool Volcanic Ash color. The Waypoint hoodie and long sleeve shirt feature 62% recycled polyester, 33% rayon, and 5% spandex. The lightweight recycled yarns are used to create an environmentally-sound garment without sacrificing comfort or functionality. The hoodie and long sleeve shirt feature cooling fibers that work to remove heat from the surface of the skin, keeping anglers comfortable and on the water longer. The hood is built taller around the neck, allowing for extra protection from the sun. Both hoodies and long sleeve shirts are rated 50+ UPF for ultimate protection against the sun and feature a chest pocket for storing lightweight items. The hoodie is available in men’s and women’s sizes.





The Waypoint polo is the perfect choice for dressing things up bit. The polo features 62% recycled polyester, 33% rayon, and 5% spandex resulting in a comfortable, lightweight product. The polo has the same cooling fibers as the hoodie, which will keep outdoorsmen cool and out in the sun longer.  It is rated 50+ UPF for ultimate protection against the sun and also features a chest pocket for storing lightweight items.



The Waypoint men’s 7.5-inch shorts are a perfect combination of style and comfort. The performance shorts are made from 37% recycled polyester, 35% polyester, 20% cotton, and 8% spandex and feature a moisture-wicking waistband. This combination provides superior stretch, mobility, and sun protection for a full day of water-filled activities. Ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing applications. In addition, these shorts are quick-drying and stain-resistant. They are constructed with zippered front fly, zippered back pockets to secure gear and wallets while moving around the boat. A conveniently designed plier pocket helps keep essential gear close at hand. The colors, patterns, will fit anyone’s style. While a lot of fishing apparel is just too loud and overdone with graphics, Huk nails the designs so you feel physically comfortable and, unlike some other fishing shirts, you’re never thinking to yourself, “does this look too much like pajama’s?” I also loved the Ombre Striped Polo in Dusty Jade. It comes in three other patterns/colors and is great for a casual function at the marina. I also picked up the Waypoint long sleeve shirt which is elastic around the cuff so the sleeve doesn’t’ ride up your arm. It also has a chest pocket. There’s something about the fit and comfort of these garments that instantly made them wardrobe favorites, and they now in heavy rotation as the warmer weather has finally arrived. The fabric has a quality feel and you can tell it’s durable. Plus it features 50+ UPF rating to keep you protected from the sun. Huk Waypoint shirts, pants and shorts are a must have for your days on the water, the golf course, or out on the town. You’ll feel good, look good and know that the clothes you wear actually played a role in removing plastics from our precious water ways. 


No matter how intense your adventures are on the water, Huk’s Waypoint Collection is built to keep you dry and safe from the sun while protecting the oceans.


Check out the entire Huk Waypoint line up of men’s and woman’s high performance apparel.

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