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Plano Edge Flex – Fish Organized

Immediately when I received the Plano Edge Flex I was impressed with it. Right when I started playing with all the dividers that come along with it and realized the number of custom configurations that I could create, my mind was blown. In the past when organizing tackle, more times than not I find myself with one or two lures that just won’t fit into the amount of space I had left in my tray. With this new tackle storage system, I can literally build my tray around my tackle as opposed to trying to find a whole tray that fits what I have. In the past, I was forced to leave lures behind or even carry more trays than I wanted to. This system allows me to carry more without actually carrying more if that makes sense. As a striped bass fisherman here in the Northeast, having certain things on my trips is crucial to me and my ability to catch fish. You never know sometimes what the fish want on a given tide. Personally, my box is set up to accommodate a healthy mix of jigheads, lures, soft plastics, hooks and terminal tackle that I can use in many different settings. Whether it is bass, fluke, tog, porgies or weakfish, this box can be changed up to fit lures and tackle used for these species in no time. In my eyes, this is one of the big benefits to owning this box.

Being an effective angler comes down to making quick decisions at times. If fish are blitzing right in front of you, knowing where to find a lure to throw at that very second will result in landing more fish. The EZ Label system along with the DuraView™ crystal-clear polycarbonate lid that this system offers gives anglers that advantage. Instead of scrambling around guessing where a certain lure or hook is in my tray, I can quickly identify its location because of these features. Sometimes a bite can last for only a few minutes and if I’m trying to find that one lure that I know will work before the frenzy ends, quick identification is needed. The Edge Flex excels at this. I’ve had times fishing where large schools of striped bass and bluefish appeared out of nowhere just waiting for me to throw the proper lure at them. A delay in finding that lure caused me to miss that school and lose out on that opportunity.

Any avid fisherman knows that rain or shine, fishing must still be done. If we’re being honest here it’s those days filled with inclement weather that gets us the most bites. Countless times my gear has gotten soaked because of water intrusion. That’s when this next feature of the Plano Edge Flex really catches my attention. The box itself is equipped with a WaterWick™ divider with a reusable moisture-wicking packet. This prevents water from building up inside the tray and corroding lures. When the lid is closed though, the Dri-Loc® O-ring seal maintains waterproofing, which is perfect because I, along with many other avid fishermen have fished in rainy conditions that can potentially wreak havoc on exposed tackle. If you thought these things were good enough to keep your prized tackle safe, throw in Rustrictor™ technology on top of it that delivers 360 degrees of rust-preventative protection. We all know that rust can be a big problem in a saltwater environment and Plano has you covered with that. Now you don’t have to worry about the deterioration of your tackle due to a harsh environment. Nobody wants a tackle malfunction when the fish are feeding. With this Plano product that will never happen.


No matter what kind of angler you consider yourself, the Plano Edge Flex should find its way into your fishing tackle storage plan. It can be used for both salt and freshwater styles of fishing. The box can be customized to hold tackle for virtually any species that exists. With 1000’s of combinations, the customization is almost endless. Make it a lure box, terminal tackle box, fishing toolbox or even leave all the insets out and carry larger items in it.  So many possibilities come to mind when you start to think about it. After owning this box for a while I can safely say it’s one of those items that I don’t want to be without when fishing. The 2021 season just got a whole lot smoother by utilizing this unique tackle storage system. I guess I could say I have the Edge now.

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