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Plano EDGE™ Flex Series Innovative Storage Solutions

Rethink Your Tackle Storage – Plano EDGE™ Flex Series

We all go fishing with a specific purpose. Whether the target of the day is blackfish, fluke, stripers, porgy’s or any of our Northeast species, many of us bring along a full selection of tackle contained in multiple tackle trays and tackle boxes. Though that works you wind up bringing far more tackle trays than you need and have a hard time locating what you urgently need most at that very moment.  For example, my fluke fishing tackle is with me even if the season hasn’t even opened yet. Why bring it?

A common way of organizing tackle is by general category. You might have a tackle tray for hooks that not only included all your blackfish hooks, but it includes hooks for every other species as well. The same goes for my lead head tray, rigs, soft plastics, hard baits, tools, terminal tackle, etc., etc., etc. It’s total overkill.  The challenge is that you wind up needing an awful lot of tackle trays when going blackfishing for example, because only a portion of what’s needed is in the tray that holds tackle for every species. You can literally be overloaded with tackle, and take a whole lot of time locating specific items quickly.

Plano has introduced a unique new line of products that provide you with a smart storage strategy that will make your outings considerably more efficient and will likely result in actually catching more fish. A better approach is utilizing one or two trays that have everything you need for one specific species and nothing else. For example, all my fluke tackle is divided up into just two trays. The hooks, teasers, terminal tackle, bucktails, soft plastic baits, lead heads, sinkers, leader, etc. When it’s time to rig up, I’m not rummaging through the hook tray, the teaser tray, the sinker tray. Locating, opening and finding what you need just takes too much time, and time is the one thing I always seem to be short on.

Until now there’s never been a tackle tray that is customizable enough to organize in this way. I need very small compartments for swivels and hooks and much larger ones for a spool of leader, and fishing pliers and the unique items needed for all of our unique species here in the Northeast. . .

Tackle boxes are an extension of an angler’s brain. Knowing exactly where everything is located and how it can quickly be retrieved is the key to catching more fish. The all-new Plano EDGE™ Flex Series provides the best possible combination of storage and customization in a single tackle box – ever.

The Flex Series is the first StowAway to allow the user to customize the internal divider system fully. Created from input from some of the best anglers in the world, the new EDGE™ 3600 and 3700 Flex is fully customizable, allowing for literally endless options to personalize for a particular fishing application, technique, lures, species, or trip.

The heart of the revolutionary EDGETM Flex is its proprietary divider system. Each EDGETM 3600 or 3700 Flex comes with five 4X Dividers, six 3X Dividers, nine 2X Dividers, and 18 1X Dividers. These interlocking dividers can be configured in any possible configuration to create small or large, short or long and any combination of storage bays. With this flexibility, anglers can store tools, large lures, and soft plastics next to small terminal tackle, weights and hooks in one box. Whether your focus is stripers, fluke, albies or anything else, the EDGETM 3600 or 3700 Flex allows you to create a custom storage space, unlike any other tackle box or system.


Plus what’s extremely attractive is how every box in the EDGETM series has RustrictorTM, rust-preventing technology molded into the base of the boxes. A Dri-LocTM watertight seal and patent-pending, water-absorbing Water WickTM desiccant dividers ward off moisture. An innovative EZ label system and a crystal clear DuraViewTM lid make it easy to identify contents quickly. Heavy-duty steel-pin hinges, a one-hand latch, a super durable ribbed base and a lid that lends itself to stacking multiple units make the EDGETM series the last tackle box you will ever need to buy.


EDGE Flex 3600 and 3700 Series Boxes Feature:

  • FLEX divider system includes
    • (5) 4X Dividers, (6) 3X Dividers, (9) 2X Dividers (18) 1X Dividers
  • Water Wick™ divider with reusable moisture-wicking packet
  • Dri-Loc® O-ring seal maintains waterproofing when closed
  • Rustrictor™ technology delivers 360 degrees of rust-preventative protection
  • EZ Label™ system for quick identification of contents
  • DuraView™ crystal-clear polycarbonate lid
  • Dimensions of 3600 11” x 7.25” x 1.63”
  • Dimensions of 3700 Medium 14” x 9” x 1.38”



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