Tohatsu’s outboard plan is to employ four-stroke powerheads on outboards from 2.5 through 30 Horsepower, and direct-injected two-strokes from 40 to 115 Horsepower. These outboards feature high reliability and excellent horsepower to weight ratio making them ideal for aluminum and small fiberglass fishing boats. The Tohatsu two-strokes, and in particular the 115 TLDI, incorporate a version of the direct injection process pioneered by Orbital (similar to the Merc OptiMax) that has a two-star CARB rating and uses TCW-3 outboard oil to lubricate its internal parts from the backside before being efficiently burned in the combustion chamber.

The Tohatsu’s 115 Horsepower TLDI (Two-stroke Low-pressure Direct Injection) in-line four-cylinder outboard is the latest addition to their new generation of environmentally friendly yet powerful direct injection outboards. These TLDI engines combine state-of-the-art air/fuel technology with a proven two-stroke engine for outstanding performance, economy and light weight. The 115 TLDI is perfect for 16- to 20-foot fishing boats designed for engines in this power band in a single outboard format, or for reliable twin power on boats in the 22- to 24-foot range. All TLDI models are compliant with current EPA and CARB regulations and offer exceptional fuel and oil economy through the air-assisted fuel injection system.

The TLDI works with an air-assisted direct fuel injection system that shatters the fuel into microscopic droplets and positions the fuel plume in the optimal location in the combustion chamber at exactly the right time for maximum combustion. The 10-micron-sized fuel droplets burn more completely for more power and this cleaner burn benefits mileage and reduces emissions. Easy maintenance is also an advantage of this outboard, since no expensive oil changes or valve adjustments are required. Another key benefit of this 115 TLDI compared to four-strokes is its significantly lighter weight. The 115 TLDI tips the scales at 392 pounds. Similarly powered four-strokes that can weigh anywhere from 40 to 125 pounds more. That’s less poundage to push on the transom and that translates into more miles per gallon.

A powerful 32-bit ECU (Engine Control Unit) gives precise fuel injection instructions based on actual operating conditions detected by a six-pack of multiple sensors located at various points on the motor. All TLDIs are outfitted with a convenient onboard self-diagnostic system, offering an extremely high level of engine safety and reliability. Other standard features include an audible overheat sensor and over-speed limiter set at 6,000 rpms; a warning light and buzzer for both water temperature and oil level; plus a warning light for low battery voltage. A five-layer corrosion protection in the painting process, a CD ignition, a safety stop-switch and lanyard-mounted cutoff switch are also standard. Power trim/tilt, thermostatically controlled cooling system, through-the-prop exhaust and start-in-gear protection are other features found in all Tohatsu TLDI outboards. The exhaust gases and the engine noise are routed through the labyrinth exhaust. This process reduces the noise level to a minimum when exiting above the water line through the idle port. The idling speed can be set to any of the three rpm ranges (700, 800 or 900 revs) by adjusting the key switch. This feature allows you to select the ideal trolling speed for maneuvering during a variety of current and wind conditions.

The 115 TLDI is offered in both 20- and 25-inch shaft versions to match it to a variety of fishing boat and skiff transoms. The uniquely designed cowling is equipped with extra layers of internal sound absorption materials to provide a much quieter operation than conventional two-stroke outboards. The high-output alternator produces an impressive 37 amps of recharging power at only 1000 rpm and a full 40 amps at 3500 to 6000 rpm. To add to its longevity in saltwater, the 115 TLDI is equipped with a convenient built-in freshwater flushing system that simplifies routine engine maintenance. A tach, trim and tilt gauge, plus an aluminum propeller are all standard items.

A three plus one-year limited warranty is included with all TLDI models.