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Watch Those Regulations!

Long Island Editor, Fred Golofaro, wrote a very timely topic for his April Editor’s Log simply titled “Know The Regulations.”

Trout Time

As you will see, I didn’t end up with a local feature this month on trout fishing. I was back and forth on what to cover as trout fishing across New England is so varied in how, when and where it is practiced.

Wind Farms Fanning Debate

Wind Farms Fanning Lots of Debate

The potential proliferation of wind farms off of Long Island’s shores has generated considerable debate among residents, and especially among those who live, work and play along its shores.

Time Tides March On

Time & Tides March On

Just out of college and living alone in a one-room shack on LBI, it finally struck me just how tediously long February could feel (strange given the fewest actual days of any other month in the year).

What Say You?

Despite the misconception that I have an easy job and spend all my days fishing, there is a lot more that goes into putting out a weekly magazine than I had ever imagined when I took the helm of the New England edition of The Fisherman just over five years ago.

2017 2 Winter Projects

Winter Projects

Without really intending to do so, this month’s issue came together with a bit of a theme to it—in the local section anyway.

2017 2 Management Needed Blowfish

Management Needed for Blowfish

Blowfish, once the bane of inshore anglers intent on catching flounder and fluke appear to be well on their way to a comeback.

The Big Picture

“Six years of low recruitment.” That’s what NOAA Fisheries says about the summer flounder stock; six straight years of diminishing…

A New Year’s Resolution

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been bombarded by folks calling, complaining and asking what I’m going to do about a host of regulatory, access and enforcement issues.

What To Do?

January is a tough month for many New Englanders.


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