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2021 Return: Dream Boat Is Back!

This is anyone’s game and the first place winner could potentially be any Fisherman subscriber. Whoever it is, will earn one heck of a grand prize.

This year we’re hosting the largest saltwater fishing contest once again and invite all The Fisherman Magazine subscribers to participate in it for free. Yes, some of you may already know, we’re referring to The Dream Boat Challenge. It’s back and better than ever.

This unique competition brings out the ultimate angler in everyone. From novice to the more seasoned anglers, all of The Fisherman Magazine’s subscribers are welcome to compete. And as proven by our 2019 winner, Garrett Weir, it’s possible to win without even owning your own boat. Garrett made his dream come true fishing aboard charter and party boats, and with friends; but of course it was his skill, dedication, persistence, patience and preparation that led to his fishing success and the keys to the 2019 Steiger Craft Grand Prize.

Doing your homework and staying informed have been part of the basic strategy that all of our past winners have had in common. As a subscriber to The Fisherman you already have access to an enormous amount of fishing information by the greatest fishing authorities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coast. You can read up or view videos to advance your skills for every targetable fish on TheFisherman.com under the species category.  You can stay up-to-date with the current fishing conditions from our comprehensive fishing reports and weekly video fishing forecast, and you’ll walk away with valuable knowledge from every feature we publish. With all the information on our website and with your subscription to The Fisherman Magazine, you have an endless amount of information that can lead to consistently catching larger fish.

We also recommend inquiring at local tackle shops about what gear works best, how to use it and where to fish. And, you’ll be amazed how much you will learn by fishing with a charter or party boat captain. Opportunity is widespread and all subscribers have an equal shot. The Fisherman Magazine has structured this unique competition to be as fisheries-friendly as possible. For example, we excluded striped bass to prevent excessive fishing pressure and release mortality on the fishery. Also, entries must meet minimum weight requirements for all species which has resulted in a minimal number of fish being brought to the scales. Please remember not to waste those fish you do keep for weighing. Refer to TheFisherman.com for delicious recipes on cooking every fish that can be targeted. We even have methods for cooking sea robins (a targetable Dream Boat species).


To enter the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge, you have to subscribe to The Fisherman Magazine and follow the official rules that are published in this issue, on TheFisherman.com, and are included on our official entry blanks, which you are required to agree to and sign to enter a fish. The contestant must submit a completed and signed official entry form to the Sponsor within 10 days of weigh-in, along with a copy of The Fisherman Magazine subscription mailing label (if available), and a photo of the contestant and the caught fish. Incomplete submissions may not qualify for judging.

Contestants may submit as many entries as they wish, however only the heaviest one (1) entry per species category will be entered. Entries can be submitted via email or mail. Email submission to dreamboat@thefisherman.com. The photo file name should be the same as the contestant’s full name. Email entries received in a given month will be entered into that month’s Fish of the Month competition, and will automatically be entered in the overall Contest. Mail-in submission to: Dream Boat Fishing Challenge, PO Box 395, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766.

The eligible species for 2021 and their minimum weights for entry are as follows: blackfish, 7 pounds; bluefish, 15 pounds; fluke, 7 pounds; mahi mahi, 10 pounds; porgy/scup, 2 pounds; black sea bass, 4 pounds; weakfish, 5 pounds; and sea robin, 2 pounds.

In order for an entry to count, the fish must be weighed and measured (length and girth) at a participating tackle shop listed as an official The Fisherman weigh-in station between 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on May 1, 2021 and 11:59 p.m. ET on November 30, 2021. The fish’s weight and measurements must be filled-in on a 2021 Dream Boat Challenge Official Entry Form, and signed and dated by the tackle shop’s authorized personnel. The entry form must also be accompanied by a photo of the angler and his or her catch. The angler is responsible for submitting the entry.

Official entry forms can be found at participating tackle shops or a copy can be downloaded by visiting TheFisherman.com. Participating tackle shop locations will be published in The Fisherman Magazine and online.

NOT ONE, BUT MANY prize categories

Contestants may enter fish that meet the minimum qualifying weight for each species, for which they accumulate points. The Grand Prize package will be awarded to the contestant who accumulates the most points at the conclusion of the contest. Points will be awarded to the top 10 entries in each category (species) with the heaviest fish for each species earning 10 points, 9 points to the second heaviest fish, 8 points to the third heaviest fish, 7 points to the fourth heaviest fish, 6 points to the fifth heaviest fish, 5 points to the sixth heaviest fish, 4 points to the seventh heaviest fish, 3 points to the eighth heaviest fish, 2 points to the ninth heaviest fish, and 1 point to the tenth heaviest fish.

The contestant who earns the second-highest point total will win the second prize, and the contestant who earns the third-highest points will win the third prize, the contestant who earns the fourth-highest points will win the fourth prize. The entries with the heaviest fish in each eligible species category will win a Largest of Species prize, and the top ten entries in each category (species) will receive a Finalist Prize.

The entry with the heaviest fish of the month for the following fish species will win a Fish of the Month prize: May-Weakfish; June-Sea Robin; July-Fluke; August-Mahi Mahi and Black Sea Bass; September-Porgy/Scup; October-Bluefish; November-Blackfish.


The 2021 Fisherman Magazine Dream Boat Challenge grand prize package is the biggest and best yet. It includes a Steiger Craft 255 Center Console boat, powered by a Yamaha 300 HP outboard motor. The grand prize also includes an Offshore Sportfisher Kit from Orion and a Dual Action Polisher Kit from Shurhold. This is an incredible boat that truly lives up to its classification of a dream boat.

The second place prize is and incredible prize package for boaters including a Minn Kota RT Terrova 112 72-inch i-Pilot Link Trolling Motor, a Humminbird SOLIX 12 MSI G2 Fish Finder/Chartplotter and Humminbird SOLIX 12 MSI + HB 2124 radar.


The third-place prize winner receives an Engel EN80 Cooler and an E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot EZ-2 Drum Anchor Winch.


The fourth place gets the Sea Eagle FastCat12 Deluxe Package.


Other than the top four finishers in overall point you still have a chance to win awesome prizes. Winners of the eight Largest of Species prizes receive a Tsunami STX SaltX Spinning Reel, Dexter Outdoors SG133-7EG 7 inch SOFGRIP flexible fillet knife with Edge Guard and a Crew II Long Sleeve Shirt from Bimini Bay Outfitters.


If you think you heard a lot, we have even more for you. The Steiger Craft Fish of the Month Prize consists of the Accurate Tern Star Drag (Tx-400X) 6.1 gear ratio fishing reel and a fish mount from Global Fish Mounts.




Additionally, all eighty finalist anglers who finish anywhere on the leader board will receive a package of Owner America Hooks and a lure from Tsunami.

So while you enjoy a day out fishing remember that the fish you catch may be eligible to enter. This is anyone’s game. Use the available resources to your advantage and surround yourself with information that will help you catch larger fish.


We’re honored to present these incredible prizes from many of the top brands in fishing. Some of you might be dreaming of owning this boat now. If you are, it’s up to you to make the Dream Boat a reality


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