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2024 Marine Electronics Buyers Guide

The electronics industry is pushing the envelope yet again this year, and we’ve got the scoop on what’s inside!

It appears as if 2024 is shaping up to be more like a more “normal” year regarding the sales process of identifying marine electronics that you’d like to purchase, ordering it and then getting it shipped relatively on-time.

The general pulse of the marine electronics industry for 2024 is that manufacturers continue to increase capabilities, add value and keep things affordable for the average user. Sure, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars outfitting a 40-footer with triple screen 22-inch Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), radar that can tell you what direction the birds are flying from 5 miles away, along with what type of fish are swimming under your boat, but you can still get a basic big screen 12-inch MFD complete with radar and 600-1000w chirp sounder for under $3.5k.

With that being said, let’s explore both sides of the cost spectrum for E-gear and see what the 2024 model year has to offer.


Reliable sources indicate that Furuno will have some major big screen MFD announcements to make at this month’s Miami International Boat Show (February 14-18, 2024) but the details will have to wait for an upcoming product review later in the season.  However, Furuno did introduce two of their next-gen fish finders last fall, the FCV600 and the FCV800. These new Furunos embrace the old school approach of employing a dedicated echo sounder to inspect the waters under your keel, but with a next-gen capability. Both newbies offer a very impressive feature set. The 5.7-inch FCV600 and 8.4-inch FCV800 can drive either a CHIRP or dual-frequency 200/50kHz CW (Continuous Wave) transducer, allowing fishermen to configure the fishfinder to suit their needs. Better still, the FCV800 features dual transducer ports, allowing for the simultaneous use of CHIRP and CW channels. Both come in a sleek, piano-black presentation with comfortable rubber keys and a robust rotary knob controller. The soft-touch keys are inclined at the top and bottom, making them comfortable to press and easy to use.

Desirable features such as Furuno’s Accu-Fish fish size assessment tool and Bottom Discrimination, a feature that displays bottom composition, require a dual-frequency CW transducer. At the same time, Furuno’s TruEcho CHIRP delivers greater detail and target separation for baitfish, game fish, and structure by transmitting across a spectrum of frequencies. With the FCV800’s ability to drive both CHIRP and traditional CW transducers simultaneously, you’ll see crisp CHIRP echoes on the screen while the ACCU-FISH and Bottom Discrimination functions from your CW transducer work in the background, overlaying important information on your CHIRP returns. You will be able to see fish targets, fish size assessment, fish depth, and bottom composition. Up to three frequencies can be saved as preset selections.

Both sounders offer two new color palettes, Sunlight and Yellow. These new display options offer greatly improved visibility in daylight. Also available is the new Color Range Expansion feature, which broadens the range of discrete signal intensities that can be detected and paints them in different colors. With conventional color ranges, echoes from the seabed and fish may be shown in a similar homogeneous color, which can make distinguishing fish from the bottom challenging. With Color Range Expansion, the range of identifiable echoes is expanded so you can intuitively identify bottom fish from the seabed. Reefs, structure and fish near the seabed are shown in slightly separated colors, making it easy to tell structure from fish at a glance and spot elusive fish targets you otherwise may have missed.

Furuno’s RezBoost signal processing technology can improve resolution and target separation using conventional narrowband transducers. With RezBoost, you can expect higher resolution, crisper visuals, and improvements in the ACCU-FISH function. This dramatic improvement in the capabilities of conventional fishfinders can produce a picture that is up to eight times clearer, breathing new life into the standard CW transducer that many fishermen already have installed. A second display can be installed for these desiring multiple stations to show the echoes and nav data from the FCV600 and FCV800 via the built-in wireless network. Multiple TruEcho Chirp and CW transducer options allow users to fine-tune the performance of their chosen echo sounder for their boats.



The new HDS PRO chartplotter/fishfinder, highest resolution ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar and ultra high-definition Active Imaging HD all combine to provide anglers with the complete package of the latest fishfinding technology. HDS PRO forms the heart of the Ultimate Fishing System, offering full networking and bow-to-stern boat control spanning Lowrance and MotorGuide trolling motors, autopilots, engines, radar, communications and connectivity and control of PowerPole shallow water anchors. The new HDS PRO introduces newly expanded controls for the Ghost Trolling Motor such as Orbit Waypoints, Depth Routing and Anchor at a distance, while offering chart overlays for ActiveTarget Scout mode and Ghost 360. Additionally, HDS PRO reintroduces the 10-inch display, an angler favorite, with a new form factor and aspect ratio, delivering a better screen in a new package.

ActiveTarget 2 is the newest update to the award-winning ActiveTarget live sonar that was originally unveiled back in 2020. Active Target 2 provides higher-resolution views of fish movement and structure and enables anglers to quickly recognize if lures and techniques are working in real-time allowing them to make adjustments to get fish to strike. It delivers a smoother and more consistent image across the entire range, with full live-action picture in Forward, Down and Scout views. Additionally, HDS PRO allows for the use of two systems at the same time giving even more views simultaneously with 180 View, Scout Wide View and Forward and Scout split screen view. Active Imaging HD rounds out the suite of products with the clearest images of fish and structure from Lowrance CHIRP sonar, SideScan and DownScan Imaging. Additionally, a new FishReveal SideScan view is now available with a new S3100 Sonar Module, in addition to the already popular DownScan Fish reveal view, helping anglers easily identify fish targets to the sides and beneath the boat.

HDS PRO offers complete bow to stern control on a SolarMAX HD touchscreen, which provides stunning sonar images of fish and structure from the Active Imaging HD and ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar technologies, along with incredible detailed chart information that is easy to see from any angle, in direct sunlight and through polarized lenses, which is a real difference maker. The HDS PRO fishfinder is available in 9-inch, all new 10-inch, 12-inch and 16-inch color display sizes.

Pre-loaded C-MAP charts on the HDS PRO include full-featured vector charts, custom depth shading, high-resolution coastal coverage and 1-foot contours on more than 27,000 lakes across the U.S. and Canada along with the new chart overlay option, allowing you to view ActiveTarget Scout Mode or Ghost 360 trolling motor mode directly on the chart screen. For anglers that want to select their own chart, HDS PRO supports a wide range of third-party chart options, including C-MAP REVEAL, Navionics, Florida Marine Tracks and more.



Simrad Yachting recently introduced the NSX ULTRAWIDE, the marine industry’s first fully-featured ultrawide and affordable marine display. Delivering all the benefits of dual screens in one place, the new NSX ULTRAWIDE is up to 63% wider than the standard NSX 9-inch display screen and provides a more streamlined and immersive experience resulting in a simplified and more aesthetic looking dash that unlocks new possibilities and a next-gen charting experience.

Available in 12-inch and 15-inch screen sizes, the NSX ULTRAWIDE is a versatile premium solution for a variety of vessel types including cruisers, dual-consoles, Express Sportfishers and small to mid-size center consoles. Boaters can upgrade their helm to a simpler and more premium display with its revolutionary aspect ratio that provides better functionality with perfectly optimized full page applications and application splits, as well as uninterrupted data flows that are easier to digest. Boaters can also create truly unique dashboards, combining multiple NSX ULTRAWIDE displays to best fit their needs. With ease-of-use at its core, the NSX platform was designed to feel instantly familiar to create a seamless onwater experience.

The chart experience on the NSX ULTRAWIDE is totally new. The latest C-MAP DISCOVER X charts are optimized specifically for NSX, and the NSX ULTRAWIDE display’s high pixel density shows super–sharp resolution letting users appreciate unprecedented levels of detail. For avid anglers, extra detail can be added with an upgrade to REVEAL X, featuring incredible shaded relief and satellite imagery. The X-Gen charts also unlock a host of ground-breaking new features, such as the new C-MAP Safety Alerts, built to automatically alert users to hazards up ahead, ranging from shallow waters to buoys. Additionally, in an industry first, the C-MAP X-Chart Manager lets users manage C-MAP chart updates and upgrades directly from their device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant download.

The NSX ULTRAWIDE also offers a competitive edge to OEMs and existing boat owners by delivering an instantly eye-catching dash that stands out among other boats. Bringing all the benefits of dual displays to a single unit, the NSX ULTRAWIDE provides an easier, faster, and more efficient installation with fewer cables, one cut and less set up. The 12-inch NSX ULTRAWIDE is priced at $2,749 and the 15-inch is $3,399. The NSX ULTRAWIDE will be on display for the first time in the United States at the Miami International Boat Show from February 14-18, and I will definitely be checking this out when I am down there, so stay tuned for more details.



SI-TEX Marine Electronics has recently introduced an all-new Orion 10. This affordable new unit is available in both dedicated chartplotter and chartplotter/sounder combo (Orion 10 CF) models. Its powerful sounder output (600W or 1.5kW depending on transducer) and superior deep-water fish detection make the Orion 10 an excellent choice for smaller boats with limited dash space that need both a chartplotter and a commercial grade sounder. Although SI-TEX’s new Orion 10 system is affordable and easy to install/network via NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 connectivity, it offers boaters a variety of unique features and functionalities. Its 10.4-inch Hybrid Touch Screen allows boaters to operate all functions via an intuitive touch screen display or a heavy-duty silicone keypad. This innovative display can also be easily programmed by the operator to automatically switch between day and night modes at custom selected times. The versatile Orion 10 system has the exclusive ability to be set up in either portrait or landscape display orientation, allowing boaters to adapt its mounting location and display to best suit their vessel and boating/fishing lifestyle.

The unique industrial design of the unit allows for either bracket or flush-mount installations. Once mounted in the preferred orientation, an easy menu command allows for rotating the display as needed. This choice can also benefit the user when setting up various split-screen display options. If finding fish and accessing all the echo sounder features is the primary purpose, this could be best served using a vertical set up. For boaters using the Orion 10 primarily for its electronic charting and navigation features with less emphasis on fishing, a horizontal format might make more sense. Whichever way the display is set up, the Orion 10 system provides all the professional-grade features and functions boaters need. The chartplotter features a built-in 52-channel GPS receiver, using the latest C-MAP 4D cartography that combines vector chart data with exclusive Dynamic Raster Charts, with the ability to view charts in 2D or 3D presentations. Features of C-MAP 4D include offshore high-resolution bathymetry, depth shading, Dynamic Tides & Currents, Easy Routing, detailed marina port plans, and more. The Orion 10 system has storage capacity for 100,000 waypoints and marks, 50,000 track points and 100 routes with up to 20 waypoints per route.

The Orion system’s 50kHz/200kHz dual-frequency digital echo sounder includes Pulse Length Selection; White/Black Line; DownImage, Normal, Bottom Lock, Bottom Zoom modes; A-scope; three-level Interference Rejection; eight selectable image speeds; and a maximum depth range over 4,000 feet in 1.5kW configuration. Adding an optional 340kHz DownScan transducer enables high-definition side scanning capabilities up to 328 feet from the vessel, helping fishermen locate structure and target schools of bait and gamefish over a wide swath of territory.

For ease of use and added versatility, the Orion 10 system can also be connected via Bluetooth to Android-based phones, allowing a companion mobile app to remotely control the unit, receive notifications, access the owner’s manual and more.



ICOM USA has introduced a pair of flexible black box VHF marine radios, the M410BB that will operate up to two of their all-in-one CommandMic units, and the M510BB, that can power a trio of the CommandMic controllers. Each black box radio is equipped with a single HM195GB (GB for black or GW for white) CommandMic for starters and users can position them up to 30 feet away from the black box mounting area with a single cable, or up to 60 feet away by piggy-backing two OPC-1541connection cables together. Operators can use the CommandMic for all functional operations including DSC. If more than one communications position is required onboard to extend comms (for example, like the helm/cabin, flybridge/cabin, helm/tower, etc.) adding a second position station is as easy as just plugging in another CommandMic controller and placing it in the desired location. This is ideal for vessels needing communication between the cockpit and other locations on the boat with an intercom feature that offers either one-to-all or one-to-one communications on the boat.

The output power for both the M410BB and the M510BB is the usual 25w for onboard marine VHF radios. The black box also includes a an internal GPS GNSS receiver, with external GPS antenna connection, NMEA 2000/NMEA 0183 connectivity, with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Other standard features on these twin ICOMS include an integrated AIS receiver, voice recording and playback, along with Class D DSC. The back of CommandMic is equipped with a conveniently located DSC button. Once triggered, the M410BB/M510BB transmits a DSC alert signal to nearby vessels with the MMSI (you boat’s unique I/D number) and GPS location of your vessel. The NMEA 2000 network compatibility provides plug-and-play data communication to inter-connect other marine equipment such as a multi-function display.  The radio can send AIS, GNSS (GPS) position, DSC call and radio channels to other equipment in the network.

The built-in 15W amplifier increases the audio output of an external hailer speaker. The one-way RX hailer function enables you to broadcast radio traffic through the hailer speaker to listen to radio traffic on the deck or tower. You can also sound foghorn patterns from the hailer speaker. The Active Noise Cancelling function digitally removes background noise from transmitting and receiving audio to provide clear communications in noisy maritime environments. Other features of both units include both an AquaQuake function to help clear water from the radio mic and an Anchor Watch function to alert you when your anchor may have lost its grip with the seabed floor.



Standard Horizon launched their latest HX320 handheld VHF at last year’s Miami Boat Show. The Standard Horizon HX320 is a compact floating 6W handheld VHF that is value-packed with many great features. Users can easily navigate all functions of the radio using the latest Easy to Operate (E2O) software viewed on the large high resolution backlit dot matrix display. The HX320 provides a full 6 watts of transmit power, which is also selectable to 2.5W or 1W settings to assist in obtaining maximum battery life. The HX320 is designed to be heard, even in noisy environments, with 700mW of audio power supplied to the internal speaker. Engineered to be rugged and reliable, the HX320 is designed to float and constructed to survive submersion with the IPX7 water resistant rating that requires it to endure 3.3 feet/1 meter of water for 30 minutes with its rubber caps installed. When the HX320 comes in contact with water, the water-activated strobe light will turn on “white” to assist in finding the radio in low light conditions. This feature operates whether the radio is ON or OFF.

The built-in 2100mAh high capacity Lithium polymer battery provides approximately 17 hours of operation. It’s equipped with a USB type-C jack for recharging and the HX320 enables wireless operation using the optional Bluetooth headset SSM-BT10. Visibility is enhanced with an ample LCD display incorporating large and bold channel information flags that are easy to identify. Emergency channel 16 can be immediately accessed by pressing the [16/S] key. Other channel functions include a Preset key used to recall up to 10 favorite channels; Programmable Scan, Priority Scan, Dual Watch and Triple Watch; an integrated FM broadcast receiver (to listen to your favorite tunes or other shows); plus NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Alert (only available in NOAA weather service areas). The HX320 comes equipped with a VHF Marine Antenna, charger cradle, USB AC Adapter, USB cable, USB type-A to USB type-C charging cable, belt clip and a hand strap. The robust design of this radio is backed by an industry leading 3-year waterproof warranty.



Fish mapping is SiriusXM’s most comprehensive plan and is available on your boat’s display and also includes access on your phone or tablet via the fish mapping app. This satellite-delivered service for your boat includes all weather features as well as eight dedicated fishing features to help you locate the spots where baitfish gather and gamefish hunt. It is also available on your smartphone or tablet and includes the aforementioned eight dedicated fishing features, ocean currents and historical data to help you plan fishing trips while onshore.

Fishing recommendations is a key feature that takes the guesswork out of finding locations with ideal conditions for specific game fish species. These locations are identified by oceanographers’ expert analysis to help you find the best areas to find fish faster, which can help you save both time and fuel. You can choose the individual gamefish you are after from the list or add additional target game fish like tuna, dorado and other pelagics. You can also select and display all species at once. These recommendations are based on numerous factors, including temperature breaks and temperature conditions preferred by the gamefish you hunt. You can view the strength of ocean temperature fronts, which are significant temperature changes that create distinct boundaries between bodies of water. Steep temp changes or fronts concentrate nutrients and create barriers to fish movement. You can also identify and locate nutrient rich waters where baitfish gather and predators hunt. Overlay one chart over the other and the overlap areas are the most likely hunting grounds to pursue your quest. The eight fishing features in the SiriusXM Fish Mapping app include fishing recommendations; weed line data; sea surface height anomalies; sea surface temp contours; sea surface temperature front strength (ratings from 1- 4); 30m subsurface sea temperatures; plankton concentration contours; and plankton front strength. Also included are historical data and ocean currents.

To access these SiriusXM fish mapping features on your boat and/or via the app, you will need a monthly subscription and a compatible receiver and MFD on your boat with the latest software updates.



Garmin recently unveiled its flagship GPSMAP 9000 chartplotter series designed for captains who demand the biggest and the best. Available with 19-, 22-, 24- and 27-inch touchscreen displays, these all-in-one chartplotters offer stunning 4K resolution with edge-to-edge clarity. Thanks to the new Garmin BlueNet gigabit network, these premium multi-function displays (MFDs) provide comprehensive connectivity throughout the vessel with faster networking speeds than ever before.

The 4K resolution GPSMAP 9000 series delivers a seamless and luxurious modern look with a maximized glass design. Each MFD can be flat or flush mounted to create a stunning glass helm. For superior clarity and sunlight readability, these in-plane switching (IPS) touchscreen displays provide consistent, accurate colors that can be seen from all viewing angles, even with polarized sunglasses. And for the first time, anglers can see fish and sonar targets in stunning 4K high definition, too, by adding a Garmin GSD sonar module, Panoptix transducer or LiveScope sonar (transducers are sold separately). Offering seven times the processing power of the previous generations, the GPSMAP 9000 is quick and responsive and delivers Garmin’s fastest map drawing and Auto Guidance+ routing. This premium processing power significantly benefits all onboard sensors like sonar, radar, cameras, video and digital switching, and enhances the user experience across the entire network.

Utilizing Garmin’s new BlueNet gigabit network, mariners can link the GPSMAP 9000 series with multiple chartplotters, cameras, radars, sonars and more at 10 times faster networking speeds. Powered by BlueNet, the GPSMAP 9000 series offers enhanced multimedia streaming and seamless video integration, so onboard entertainment has never looked better. Users can even play and hear the same video throughout multiple screens and speakers on the network thanks to HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) distribution. The 9000 series can also connect to compatible existing Garmin marine systems, including other GPSMAP chartplotters, radars, autopilots, sensors and more via NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 networks. Built-in Wi-Fi enables reliable wireless software updates via the ActiveCaptain app with a compatible smartphone or tablet.

As the command center of the boat, the GPSMAP 9000 series offers easy and expansive integration capabilities with onboard systems, including:

  • Engine monitoring lets captains keep tabs on engine data performance like rpm, speed, fuel flow, temperature, exceedance warnings and more.
  • OneHelm integrated digital switching offers full support for the EmpirBus system and other third-party monitoring, control and automation solutions.
  • Listen to music, enjoy a movie and get audio alerts with Fusion audio and entertainment integration.
  • Control and see footage directly on the chartplotter with extensive camera support; even get a live 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the vessel during low-speed maneuvers such as docking in a tight spot with Garmin’s Surround View Camera System (camera sold separately).
  • Connect a GPSMAP 9000 chartplotter with a compatible Garmin smartwatch for remote control of key MFD features including chart zoom, autopilot control and more, directly from the wrist.

The GPSMAP 9219, 9222, 9224 and 9227 come preloaded with Garmin Navionics+ mapping that includes Auto Guidance+ technology for faster route calculations and improved routing detail, along with a one-year subscription to daily updates for the most up-to-date content available. Upgrade to the Garmin Navionics Vision+ premium mapping to add relief shading, sonar imagery, high-resolution satellite imagery, aerial photography and more.



Sionyx, a leader in digital color night vision technology, launched their Nightwave night vision camera last season. As one of the first-of-its-kind marine camera systems, Nightwave is built around their proprietary Black Silicon BSI CMOS sensor. Nightwave is a total game changer in low-light conditions, allowing mariners to safely navigate with a greater degree of confidence by easily spotting hazards and debris in moonless starlight without any additional illumination. Employing a Nightwave camera maximizes your time out on the water, translating to safer transit at dawn, dusk, or even in the middle of the night.

Built to operate in the toughest marine environments, the night vision camera is IP67 waterproof and shock rated. Nightwave seamlessly integrates to any vessel’s electronics by connecting to most major brand MFDs via the analog video output. With flexible mounting and setup, Nightwave can also connect to a mobile device via Wi-Fi for an enhanced user experience. The main different between Nightwave and some high-end thermal competitive models is that the Sionyx product amplifies available light in a high-res digital format, whereas thermal units use heat signatures to construct the target, usually via a lower-res image. Nightwave’s technology provides clear color images in near-total darkness and is simple to install and operate.

Notable standard features on the Sionyx Nightwave include:

  • 1 mlx moonless starlight sensitivity allows mariners to see well beyond human eyesight and detect a man-sized object at 150 yards.
  • High resolution detector that provides upgraded quality imaging capability in near total darkness.
  • Wide 44-degree field of view that greatly enhances situational awareness to spot unexpected obstacles, debris, markers, vessels, unlighted navigation buoys and more.
  • Convenient installation flexibility, with permanent mounting hardware included, as well as a standard 1/4-inch, 20 mount interface.
  • Nightwave can be oriented ball-up or ball-down, to meet any challenging mounting requirements.
  • Lightweight and portable with a net weight of approximately 2 pounds.
  • The latest firmware and software releases are conveniently available through the Sionyx mobile app.

With an MSRP under $1,900, the Sionyx design team has created a relatively affordable, high-res, digital night vision camera that can really get the job done. Nightwave will help you identify a variety of things that go bump in the night, thereby making your early morning and late evening fishing trips significantly safer. Built rugged, with easy connectivity, Nightwave is a must-have addition for any boat that travels to/from the blue water in the dark or stays over in the deep for the night.



The new SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS combines tournament-ready technologies like CHIRP Digital Sonar and AutoChart Live with intuitive Cross Touch, Bluetooth networking and the new Humminbird Basemap. Up to four independent viewing panes allow you to view multiple technologies at once, taking full advantage of the generous 12.1-inch display. This model offers MEGA Side Imaging and MEGA Down Imaging for an unrivaled view of the underwater world.

The notable features on the SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS include:

  • MEGA Side Imaging for unprecedented underwater clarity of coverage out to 125 feet on either side of your boat. You’ll unlock new details with up to three times more output than standard Side Imaging Sonar.
  • MEGA Down Imaging for clear coverage up to 125 feet below your boat. You’ll unlock new details with up to three times more output than standard Down Imaging Sonar.
  • CHIRP Digital Sonar View that uncovers bottom details that other forms of sonar won’t show you. Humminbird CHIRP Digital Sonar is engineered to help you see individual fish, clearly identify bait and structure, and reach greater depths and range.
  • SwitchFire Sonar allows users to take command of how sonar returns appear. With two display modes, you can add or remove detail, account for water depth, temperature and turbulence, even watch lure presentations, all at the push of a button.
  • Dual Beam PLUS Sonar gives users two beams that combine for great detail and a generous coverage area, helping you identify fish, structure and contours. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns of fish, structure, detail and the bottom profile. Opt for the wide beam when you want a larger search area. You can view the beams separately, side-by-side or blended together for the complete picture. Your coverage area will be equal to your depth.
  • Cross Touch Interface allows control of the fishfinder using the touchscreen or the keypad. Cross Touch lets you quickly and intuitively access technologies on your terms, no matter your situation and conditions. Any menu navigation you can do on the touchscreen can also be done on the keypad and vice versa.
  • Humminbird Enhanced Standard Basemap provides users with a clear view of underwater terrain and surrounding points of interest so you can fish and navigate with total confidence. Identify buoys, day markers, hazards, marinas, contours, depth markers and much, much more. Includes charts of more than 10,000 lakes, plus coastal coverage for the U.S.
  • AutoChart Live enables users to create real-time maps of favorite fishing spots, with access to patented Humminbird LakeMaster features. Map depth contours, bottom hardness and vegetation as you drive your boat, with eight hours of built-in recording time.
  • Ethernet Networking allows you to build a powerful, professional-grade fishing system. Easily connect multiple fish finders, or upgrade to add-on technologies like Minn Kota i-Pilot Link, Minn Kota Talon, 360 Imaging and CHIRP Radar.
  • Bluetooth Networking keeps your phone out of the water and in your pocket by displaying notifications on your Humminbird. You can also take control of your most-used features with an optional Bluetooth remote (RC2).

The SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS is part of a family that also includes 10-inch and 15-inch color displays.



Raymarine recently announced the launch of five new products which include the Axiom 2 Pro and Axiom 2 XL family of multifunction chartplotter displays, a new suite of sonar products and an advanced marine camera system.

Axiom 2 Pro is the most powerful all-in-one Axiom system ever developed by Raymarine with a blazing fast six-core processor and intuitive LightHouse 4 operating system. Available in 9, 12 and 16-inch sizes in two variations, the Axiom 2 Pro S includes embedded High CHIRP sonar that is perfect for premium cruising and sailing vessels, while the Axiom 2 Pro RVM is engineered specifically for the avid sport angler. Axiom 2 Pro RVM models come standard with the all-new RealVision MAX 3D sonar built in. This powerful new sonar solution combines CHIRP DownVision, SideVision and RealVision MAX 3D channels that all benefit from the faster ping rate and tighter beams, delivering exceptionally clear imagery of the ocean bottom, fish holding structure, and the position of fish relative to the boat.

The high frequency CHIRP sonar channel also boasts 600 watts of output power, significantly expanding the depth range to 1,200 feet, and greatly improving the clarity of fish targets detected throughout the water column. Axiom 2 Pro RVM also has a built in 1kW CHIRP sonar, supporting Airmar broadband transducers, giving the system the ability to clearly detect fish to depths of 3,000 feet. When combined, Axiom 2 Pro RVM is the ideal solution for today’s high-performance center console fishing boats that fish both shallow coast waters and deep blue water territory.

The flagship Axiom 2 XL is also new to the Raymarine multifunction chartplotter lineup. Designed to grace the helms of the most exclusive sport fishing yachts, offshore battle wagons and luxury cruisers, the Axiom 2 XL lineup is available in 16-, 19-, 22 and 24-inch sizes. These displays feature enhanced networking and extended multime-dia capabilities like HDMI input and output, plus touchscreen pass-through. Axiom 2 XL screens are also built on the new six-core platform with LightHouse 4 OS that is intuitive, yet extremely powerful. Axiom 2 XL users can also enjoy RealVision MAX sonar technology with the addition of the new RVM-1600 3D Sonar Module to their network. This black-box sonar processor has all the same features and functionality found in the Axiom 2 Pro, but in a black box design that can be added to the new Axiom 2 XL series, or any other legacy Raymarine Axiom system. Anglers adding RealVision MAX systems can also choose between the transom-mounted RVM100 or the through-hull RVM400-series of transducers, optimized for all the new RealVision MAX sonar technologies.

Rounding out the Axiom 2 Pro line up, Raymarine also added the new CAM300 Marine Camera to its portfolio of products. Just slightly larger than a golf ball, the CAM300 features full high-definition resolution and a remarkable 160-degree field of view, making it ideal for use with Raymarine’s award-winning Clear Cruise Augmented Reality system. CAM300 also has built-in near infrared illumination making it ideal for monitoring remote locations, blind spots and engine rooms in both daylight and total darkness.



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