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About Striper Surf Club

The Striper Surf Club was formed 70 years ago, in the summer 1951, in Brooklyn, New York.  Its founders were members of the Coney Island Rod and Gun Club who had decided to break away and form a new sporting organization that was strictly dedicated to surf fishing primarily for striped bass.  As one of the oldest surf fishing clubs in New York, the Striper Surf Club continues to hold monthly meetings in Long Island, where members share their passion for surf fishing with each other and build friendships that extend beyond the surf.

Striper Surf Club’s values are rooted in conservation, the health of our waters, and shore line access.  During meetings, members share information such as fishing reports and tackle tips so that each member can learn, grow, and ultimately become better surfcasters.  The club has coordinated and participated with other clubs in annual Long Island beach clean ups since 2002.  Members also engage in friendly competition with each other and compete against other New York Fishing clubs in the New York State Fishing Contest.

For more information, feel free to visit www.stripersurfclub.com.