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Editor’s Log: New Podcast Happenings

Well, it’s been a progress to get it aligned for a while now but I’m happy to say that the first episode of The Fisherman’s Last Cast podcast is in the books. Between some scheduling conflicts and logistical things, it got a bit delayed but now that we have a solid pilot episode in the bag, we’re going to be moving forward with it.

I decided to base the show out of Buoy 35, a local restaurant to me that that I frequent pretty often. The owners and many of the patrons have been supporters of The Fisherman Magazine for some time now. The establishment is at the location of the old JTs on the bay in Blue Point, down by Corey Beach. After spending some time there last summer having a pint and enjoying the food, I realized the spot would be perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. It has that nautical vibe, and between the indoor bar setting and outdoor seating on the canal, it made sense to me. Also, a nice little feature is that boats can be pulled right up to the dock for lunch or dinner. As a side note, keep in mind that Buoy 35 will be hosting their first annual Father’s Day striper tournament on June 15th this year. The event will include an open bar with food after the fishing. The restaurant address is 1 Curtis Rd in Blue Point.

My first guest for the first episode is none other than a regular Fisherman contributor, Mike Dean. Mike has been contributing written and video content to the magazine for some years now. He now resides on the east end of the island and gets out several times a week from both the surf and boat. His son fishes right alongside him and is becoming quite the angler himself! Mike is also highly respected in the local fishing community and also, importantly, a huge supporter of the upcoming event, The Manhattan Cup.

During the conversation we covered his introduction into fishing, how he ended up on the east end of the island, fishing outlook for the rest of the season and all of the details and background on The Manhattan Cup, some past stories about the event and how you can get involved yourself.

Oh, and if you’re in the area, be sure to check out Buoy 35, they have some great food, drinks and a good vibe. My go-to sandwich is definitely the mahi ruben, which is featured in the episode. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next episode in the near future. We’ll be featuring some names in the fishing community you might know and some that go under the radar but bring interesting knowledge to the table.

To watch the full episode visit https://youtu.be/RE4AFtVrAVM?si=XdjNXN_-WBe–0vv

For more information on The Manhattan Cup https://manhattancup.com/


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