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False Tip At Sandy Hook Closed Until Further Notice

The false tip of Sandy Hook is officially closed as of October 1 due to dredging operations. According to Daphne Yun with the National Park Service (NPS), these dredging operations will most likely continue until into the New Year.

“I do not know the length of the closure, but it is because of the dredging that the Army Corps is doing,” Yun said, explaining that the closure duration ultimately depends on the length of the project.  “It’s probably until the New Year, but we don’t know exactly the length of the closure,” Yun said.

Anglers heading out to fish the Gateway National Recreation Area should adhere to all signage and fencing and understand that access to closed areas is prohibited and monitored by NPS law enforcement personnel.

Yun also reminds anglers that permits may be required to park in many places throughout the park and are also required to park after hours at any part of the park.  Fishing/parking permits for 2020 are now available online and will be mailed out.  Fishing/parking permits are $50 with a $5 processing fee. Please note it may take more than two weeks for processing at this time.

More information and online permits for night fishing are available at www.nps.gov/gate/planyourvisit/fishing.htm.