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Fed Appoints & “Unappoints” Noted NJ Anglers

The Department of State has recently designated Martha Guyas as the U.S. Alternate Commissioner to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) representing recreational fishing interests. Guyas, a Floridian, replaces Capt. Ray Bogan of Point Pleasant who has been serving as Recreational Commissioner since 2016.

Guyas previously worked for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and is now the Southeast Fisheries Policy Director at the American Sportfishing Association (ASA). According to a press release issued by the federal government, Guyas represents more than 800 organizations that have a vested interest in the health, growth, and expansion of the recreational fishing industry through her ongoing work at ASA, including tackle manufacturers, fishing accessories manufacturers, boating manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, tackle retailers, and tackle wholesalers.

“NOAA would also like to extend its deepest appreciation to Ray for his many years of dedicated service, and his valuable contributions to the work of the United States at ICCAT,” the press release noted.

In other news, NOAA Fisheries also announced that Capt. Alan Lee of the Point Pleasant based charter Mushin has been elected chairman of the Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council.  The council includes 15 voting members and 15 alternates representing a variety of community interests, and also has 10 government agencies that serve in a non-voting capacity.

NOAA established a Sanctuary Advisory Council for the proposed Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary in an effort to bring members of the local community together to provide advice to NOAA and help guide the designation of the sanctuary. Council members also act as liaisons to their communities, building a strong connection between the proposed sanctuary and stakeholders.

(Editor’s Note – Given the implications of a marine sanctuary designation and potential impacts to fishermen, The Fisherman Magazine applauds this second bit of big government news in putting a hardcore offshore angler from New Jersey into the chairman’s seat of the sanctuary advisory council; as for the first bit of news, we hope Ms. Guyas has big feet, as she’s stepping into some really big shoes!    -JH)