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From The Galley: Broiled Fish

From The Galley: Broiled Fish

Here’s a recipe that is quick, easy, requires minimal preparation and can be applied to many species of fish including fluke, cod, striped bass, sea bass and blackfish. It is my favorite fluke recipe.

2-3 pounds fish fillets

1 tablespoon of salted butter for each fillet

3 tablespoons jarred chopped garlic

1/3 cup fresh cilantro (chopped)

Juice from 2 squeezed lemons

Dijon Mustard

Olive oil spray

Salt and ground black pepper to taste – salt optional

1-2 cups Italian bread crumbs (enough to lightly coat fillets)

Spray shallow baking pan with olive oil. Place fillets on baking pan. Drizzle fillets with lemon juice. Baste fillets with light coating of Dijon Mustard. Spread chopped garlic evenly over fillets. Season with salt and pepper to taste (salt is optional). Sprinkle chopped cilantro over fillets. Place pad of salted butter centrally over each fillet. Lightly coat each fillet with Italian flavored bread crumbs. Place under broiler and cook until fish easily flakes and fillets are a golden brown. Serve with rice/pasta and fresh green vegetable of your choice, or tossed green salad. Add corn on the cob if in season.


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