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Large Group Takes Illegal Fish

Illegal-FishECOs (Environmental Conservation Officers) Dickson and Pabes responded to the Captree Fishing Pier at Captree State Park after receiving reports of anglers using nets to catch undersized crabs and other species. As the Officers entered the parking lot, they observed a group of people placing a net and buckets into the back of a SUV. The ECOs approached and interviewed the anglers who admitted to fishing off the beach with a net. In the catch of nearly 700 fish and crabs, the Officers measured 21 blue claw crabs under the legal limit of 4.5 inches and counted more than 650 menhaden, which was over the catch limit for that species. The Officers issued tickets to the group for those violations and additional citations for undersized summer flounder (fluke) and fishing without a valid marine registry. The ECOs also informed the group that a nighttime fishing access permit is required by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to fish in the park after hours. Shortly after this incident, ECOs Dickson and Pabes encountered a second group a short distance away actively crabbing off a dock. After inspecting the group’s catch, the Officers found that 20 out of the 30 crabs caught were under the legal size limit. The second group received a ticket for possession of undersized crabs.