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There’s a new Gulp in town; actually, there are several of them.

Size-wise, keep an eye out on the new 3- and 4-inch Swimming Mullet varieties, and new 4-inch Grub style.  In the color scheme of things, while folks (and fluke) have gone crazy over the Salmon Red, Pink, Pearl White, Nuclear Chicken and Pink Shine – not to mention the “must have” Chartreuse patterns, the new combo colors out this summer including Pink Pearl White, Root Beer Gold/Chartreuse, Glow Orange and Pearl White Chartreuse are certainly worth a look this summer.

Swimming mullets and the Gulp Grub 4-inch come in bags, pints and half pints.  Personally, I started converting many of my varied elements of Gulp into larger containers, “repurposing” 60-ounce pretzel containers for boat storage; but the half-pint containers are perfect for taking 3-inch Grub and Swimming Mullet styles up to the beach in a backpack for summer fluking.

While everyone has their favorite style jighead for rigging, when it comes to casting along the sod banks, jetties and sloughs, the Berkley Fusion 19 swimbait jigs with the forward eye and bait holder ridges make a killer combo.  And earlier in the summer season when summer flounder are more active in shallow areas of local bays, rivers and sounds, the smaller 3- and 4-inch styles are ideal.

There are plenty of times now when heading out fluking that I don’t take any fresh, natural baits whatsoever.  Having buckets and bags of Gulp stacked in my garage for adding to my tackle bag allows me to be available at a moment’s notice to hit the grounds.  And with a larger array of sizes, styles and colors to choose from, my bases are pretty effectively covered.   And don’t think those Swimming Mullets or Grub baits are only for jigheads; they also make an outstanding addition to a plain or dressed teaser hook or floating head.

You’re more apt to find the new Gulp sizes and colors shopping around online at your favorite tackle shop, but learn more online from the Gulp folks at


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