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On The Hunt For Invasive Species

Whether you’re a hunter, angler, birder, or outdoor enthusiast you can be part of DEC’s front-line defense against invasive species. Invasive species are non-native species that can cause harm to the environment, the economy, or human health. They threaten nearly every aspect of our world and pose a major risk to New York’s wildlife.
Looking out for invasive species is part of caring for the outdoors. When caught early enough, many invasive species can be managed or even eradicated before they cause much harm. Professionals refer to this idea as Early Detection/Rapid Response. But given enough time to grow and spread, invasive species—like northern snakehead (pictured to the right)—can cause billions of dollars in damage, disrupt local ecosystems, and even threaten native species with extinction.
Your observations could be the key to stopping an invasive species in its tracks, in an outdoor place that you love. In our On the Hunt for Invasive Species series, we’ll be sharing a different invasive species for you to be on the lookout for each season. We’ll also be sharing resources, identification tips, and more, so stay tuned!