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Product Spotlight: Yo-Zuri Surface Lures

mag proper
Yo-Zuri’s Mag Popper does a great job raising gamefish under a wide range of conditions.

Yo-Zuri remains in a class of its own with their unique and extensive line of topwater lures for a variety of gamefish.

Nothing gets a casters blood flowing like topwater explosions. Yo-Zuri continues to shine as a hard-bodied luremaker by coming out with the most innovative and effective models. Their lures just plain work. Actually, I take that back, they excel when others aren’t getting a look from hungry gamefish. Having Yo-Zuri lures in my fishing arsenal has given me just what I need to have repeated success every time out on the water.

Mag Popper

The bottleneck style popper design has been around for several years and is a proven winner. Yo-Zuri stayed true to this time-tested style of lure but of course added their own twist to it. This lure comes in two unique sizes for different fishing situations; The 1-3/4 ounce, 5-3/4 inch, and the 2-3/4 ounce, 6-1/4 inch. Both lures are floating models making them extremely easy to use. The patented Weight Transfer System allows for maximum casting distance.

Pumping the rod will cause these lures to throw an immense amount of water that will get the attention of any fish nearby. This is in part due to the cup-faced design on the Mag Popper. Eight colors make up the selection that you can choose from. One of my favorites has to be the Green Mackerel pattern which does an impressive job mimicking the baitfish that swim within the confines of the Cape Cod Canal. It would be nearly impossible for a hungry striper to avoid one of these Mag poppers during a feeding frenzy.

Now while a lure itself can be quite impressive, I’ve had my fair share that lacked in the hardware sector. This popper is not one of those. Equipped on this lure are 3x Heavy Duty Hooks and 3X Heavy Duty Split Rings that will hold up to the largest striped bass and bluefish around. When fishing fast-moving currents and rocky shorelines, having strong hooks like this is crucial to putting the brakes on a large fish. I’ve seen hooks get mangled and twisted in ways that some can’t even imagine. Take it from personal experience, it’s heartbreaking to lose a trophy size fish to a hardware failure. Rest assured, with the quality hardware on Yo-Zuri plugs, this won’t happen.

The 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil is available in many different patterns to match almost any baitfish that swims.

5-Inch 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil

Having the mindset that all styles of topwater lures perform the same will cut back on your fishing potential. I have had situations where I’ve fished quiet back bay marsh areas with a standard popper for no strikes. Immediately when I switched over to a “walk the dog” style lure I encountered some of the most vicious hits on glassy calm water. The Yo-Zuri 5-inch 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil is flat-out a fish catching machine. This lure will get you hits when fish are lethargic and unwilling to hit most other lures.

I consider this lure to be my fishfinder when fishing a new or unknown area. If any fish are in the area, they surely won’t be able to resist this plug’s action. Aside from its action, it also contains a single one-knock cadence rattle. This loud knock that the rattle gives off catches the attention of gamefish and makes the lure stand out even more. Aside from the noise it gives off, this single rattle will roll to the tail of the plug on every cast, giving you the farthest possible distance for those potentially far-out spots that you need to reach.

YoZuri has outdone themselves once again. This one of a kind lure has many key attributes; fish attracting noise and action, castability, quality hardware, and a choice of 14 baitfish-matching colors. Whether you are fishing the back marshes of New England, the bays of Long Island, or the sod banks of New Jersey, the 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil should find its way into your lure collection.


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