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Photo Gallery: Fall Begins

It’s a bittersweet time of year when we have to bid farewell to summer and welcome in the fall. Yes the fall brings with it all of the blitzes, excitement and exotic species of the fall run, but it also precedes winter. And while winter may seem eons away right now, it comes on fast. The fall so far has featured excellent fishing for a wide array of species. Make the most of this amazing time of year and the winter will melt away quickly.

John P. made the run out to Coxes Ledge aboard Little Sister Charters and got in on one of the best late-summer cod bites Capt. Jason has ever seen!
Mark S. caught this big sea bass with Capt. Jason Colby aboard Little Sister Charters running out of Westport, MA.
Melville Macie caught this massive double-digit largemouth during a hunting trip to Texas, what a beast!
You think fluke are aggressive? Check out the fish Jim Smith caught on a Larry LaForce flutter spoon! It’s doubtful that this fluke could swallow a bunker that size, but he went for it anyway!
Tom Houde is one of the most prolific anglers we know, he catches all species and he’s out there all the time. Here he is with a new species for his personal list, a nice, heavy carp.
Fisherman reader Oliver nailed this heavy striper on a rainy day trip to the Cape Cod Canal.



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