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An Allison season for the ages. 

The year 2020 will go down as one for the ages; of course, the numeral “2020” itself will probably be used mostly as an expletive, as in “Gosh you look like 2020 this morning,” or “yeah, 2020 to you too pal!”

Then again, the 2020 offshore bite was nothing to sneeze at; simply amazing, best ever action for many who made the trip east (and there were a lot of them) as the Triple Wrecks region produced great numbers of good yellowfin, many eclipsing the 70-pound mark.  While there may be plenty of exotic locations around the world to catch true, trophy Allison tuna in the triple-digit weight class, in terms of sheer numbers of yellowfin the Jersey Shore was the place to be in 2020.

By the way, interesting tidbit to share; the yellowfin nickname Allison apparently comes from the name of James Allison, an American entrepreneur and founder of the Miami Aquarium in 1921.  Something else to look forward to, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Allison tuna; that is, just as soon as we get out of this stinking “2020” of a year!

Gregg Lally and his buddies loaded three flats of bait into his Ford at Creekside Outfitters before a successful trip aboard the Mar-Sea H going three for three on bigeye south of the Hudson, topping it off with a pair of 70-pound yellowfin at the Triples.


At 89 years old, Bill Reilly, Sr. put the puts to this 68-pound yellowfin in a 42-minute battle while fishing aboard the Leprechaun with his sons.


“The yellowfin bite is as good as most remember,” said Bill Hallman as he shared this picture of Ryan Hallman with his first tuna, a 78-pounder.
– Dennis Portalatin enjoyed terrific tuna action while fishing aboard the Point Pleasant based Gambler in late September. “Capt. Bob Bogan put us on an incredible bite just 3 hours offshore on a drift just before the Hudson Canyon,” Dennis reported.
It’s not just the offshore yellowfin in New Jersey, as George Arway found in August while heading to the Rattlesnake with Capt. Mako Matt out of Atlantic Highlands, where they stumbled upon this 130-pound bluefin crashing on bunker in 60 feet of water.



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