A last look at 2020 trophy fluke photos in the office files!

On September 28th I received an email from Vincent Marino stating, “I wanted to know what the biggest fluke was in New Jersey this year.”  It’s a darn good question.  Checking back on our 2020 fishing reports, 13 pounds was the biggest I saw referenced this year, a fish reportedly caught around the Verrazzano Bridge in late August (though we had no names nor photo support that I can find.)


Vincent submitted his picture though, a whopping 12.8-pounder caught out of Shark River in September using a ball jig with glow Gulp (our cover shot of the week).  Translating that decimal reading to actual ounces, Vincent’s fish could go anywhere from 12 pounds, 12 ounces on up to 12 pounds 14 ounces; without that next hundredths of a pound on the digital scale, I can’t tell.  Honestly, when it comes to math, I can’t tell much of anything without a calculator and a YouTube instructional video.


But to answer your question Vincent, your doormat was one of the largest we saw at The Fisherman this year; outside of Joe Rodd’s 12-pound, 14-ouncer in mid-August which translated to digital comes out at 12.875 pounds.  Before my mathematically challenged skull implodes, let’s look at few of the other top fish from the summer of 2020 still in our files.

Brian Yaw caught this 12-pound doormat while fishing on the Finisher out of Barnegat Light on August 30. Photo courtesy of Bill Hallman.



Ed Braunsdorf of Brick got his fluke of a lifetime on Labor Day at Sea Girt Reef, a 10-pound, 14-ounce flukeasaurus that hit a Gulp, squid and spearing combo aboard Trevor Sherwood’s The Office Too.
Eric Bart was on the Fish Monger out of Point Pleasant heading into the Labor Day weekend and scored a three fluke limit of two 8s and a 10-pounder. Photo courtesy of Gregg Bart.
Leo Lyp nailed this 30-inch, 10.36-pound fluke near the Verrazzano in lower New York Harbor on 9/11 using a 6-inch Gulp grub. Photo courtesy of Akira at True World Tackle.
Damian Salgado stopped by The Fisherman’s booth at the Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo and shared this pic of a fish and lifetime for him and his son Mateo.
We typically mark official “doormat” cutoff at 10 pounds plus, but when Springfield’s Tiago Pereira walked in to the Tackle Box to weigh in this 9-pounder, the fact that it was a surf-caught fish at Sandy Hook commands trophy status!



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