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Photo Gallery: The Season Heats Up

These last few weeks have been red hot in local waters with so many possibilities, freshwater and salt. Whether it’s stripers and tog, trout and flounder or a rare natural hybrid, the, the meanmouth bass. Local fishing is firing on all cylinders.

Lynn DeTour
Lynn DeTour is back at it again, it might be time to crown her New England’s queen of trout!
Jerry Nolan
Jerry Nolan made a trip aboard Little Sister Charters and landed this fat flounder.
Bando Trapper
Bando Trapper with a Boston-bred meanmouth bass (smallmouth/largemouth hybrid) caught along Storrow Drive in May.
M. Kelly
M. Kelly started the spring run off right with this slot striper landed from his kayak.
Andrew made a trip with Capt. Jason Colby and caught this Cape Cod Bay tog while flounder fishing.
Gene, John and Armindo
Friends Gene, John and Armindo had a blast flounder fishing with Little Sister Charters.



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