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Product Profile: Fish Lab Mad Eel

Fish Lab Mad EelFish Lab Tackle is fast becoming known for high quality baits and their lifelike swimming actions. With the introduction of their Mad Eel line of soft plastic swimbaits at this summer’s ICAST Show, they have added to their growing reputation in a big way.

Available in three sizes, 7, 7-1/2 and 8 inches, the Mad Eel is a search bait that can be jigged or cast for a wide range of gamefish up and down the Atlantic Coast. The heavyweight heads on these baits allow them to get down deep where gamefish do most of their feeding, and allow you to work areas with heavy current. Here in the Northeast, these lures are the perfect choice for this season’s run of bluefin tuna, which on many occasions have been feeding down deep and rooting sand eels from the bottom.

Striped bass will love the narrow profile and swimming action of these soft plastics, especially when sand eels are the dominate forage. Surfcasters working places like the Cape Cod Canal, where heavy payloads often spell the difference between success and failure will appreciate the casting distance of these weighty soft baits and their ability to fish effectively in the strongest currents. Likewise for casters probing the swift currents of the many inlets and breachways that mark the Striper Coast.

Boatmen riding herd on migrating schools of stripers as they follow the coast south in the fall will be able to get down deep where the biggest bass are often holding, and the swimming action of the Mad Eel should turn the heads of the fussiest stripers.

Product Development Manager Mike Bennett noted, “These baits have a heavy side to side rolling action for increased water displacement in low light, running water and stained water conditions.  The ribbed belly design also moves more water that fish can feel.  The specially designed jig hook keeps fish pinned to the hook even through violent head shakes that would dislodge the standard J-style hook designs.

Each package will contain one head and two bodies. Replacement tails and jig heads are also available. Mad Eel baits retail from $9.99 to $13.99 and are backed by a 1-year warranty. For more information, please visit



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