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Product Review: BKK Lone Diablo Inline Hooks


You might know that I like to fish plugs; you may also know that I have been trying to find ways to reduce the number of hook points on my plugs for many years. There are multiple ways to achieve this; but as a student of lure making, reducing the number of hooks often results in throwing the balance and action of the plug off as an unwanted side effect. A few years back ‘inline single hooks’ hit store shelves; these hooks are made from heavy wire in an effort to maintain the weight and balance of a treble hook, with a single hook.

I have tried most (if not all) of the options available from various makers and have found excellent hookup results using single hooks. But many I have tried have left something to be desired in their design. I’m here to tell you that BKK has addressed those issues and given me even more to be excited about.  BKK Lone Diablos are hand-ground to a sticky-sharp, needle point and their Ultra Antirust coating is up to the task of repeated battles with saltwater fish of all sizes.

You will notice that the eye of these Lone Diablo inlines is closed and seamlessly welded to the hook shank, creating a continuous loop; this solves the issue of braided line finding its way into the hook eye.  Also the hook eye is smaller which reduces the possibility of the hook jamming in the split ring, creating a leverage point that can lead to split ring failure.  The shape of the BKK Lone Diablo is unique, with a point that extends almost to the same length as the shank and hook eye. BKK designers say that this modification is a result of extensive testing and that you will lose fewer fish as a result of this seemingly minor change.

My results suggest that they are correct. In fact, inline hooks, as a whole, tend to stay imbedded far better than trebles or even Siwash hooks. The key to greater success with inlines is that the hooks need to be very sharp, and the BKK Lone Diablos are right at the front of the race in that category.  Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 13/0, learn more at


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