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Product Review: Fishbites 6-Inch Grub

If you’re going out fluke fishing this summer and searching for that fish of a lifetime, you have a great shot at one during this stretch of the season fishing the ocean waters in the Northeast. Targeting large ocean fluke in deeper waters, and especially around wrecks and reefs has produced flatties in excess of 10 pounds for anglers fishing the right baits in the right areas. With the warming of bay water, fluke, and big ones, seek refuge in the cooler nearby ocean, picking off unsuspecting baits that cross them.

From my experience of working the deeper fluke grounds during the summer months, bigger baits seem to gather the attention of those jumbos laying on the bottom as we drift by. Fishbites have you covered when you’re looking for a larger presentation for these jumbos. The 6-inch Grub offers a much larger profile than the already proven 5-inch model from Fishbites and is a solid choice for dropping down to grab the interest of a summer “doormat.”

Take the 6-inch Fishbites Grub and use it as a trailer on your favorite fluke bucktail, hi-lo rig, or simple hook, line, and sinker setup. When drifting, the curly tail on this big grub has great action and will catch the eye of any fluke it passes by. These grubs are also loaded with an extreme scent that leaves a trail in the water and keeps fish right behind them, wanting to find out more until they’re ready to take a swipe at one. They also offer great durability with their special plastic formula that gives the baits added life in comparison to other plastics around. Fishbites are also made of a real fish parts bland so they’re less harmful to the environment and any fish you might release after landing.

You can find these fish-catchers in five different color schemes that have all worked exceptionally well on fluke from Delaware all the way up through the New England region. The large grubs come four to a bag and have a MSRP of $6.99

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