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Product Review: Hobie Eyewear Floating Collection

Just imagine you’re getting ready for a long day of fishing at the boat ramp, making sure everything is in order, you lean over the gunnel of your boat and your sunglasses plop right into the water only to sink right to the bottom like a rock, leaving you at a disadvantage and squinting for most of the trip. That’s typically how that scenario would go unless you were wearing a pair of sunglasses from Hobie’s Floating Collection.

While I haven’t had that happen to me with my pair yet, I certainly tested out the “floatability” of these sunglasses under a controlled scenario and placing them in the water to see if they do actually float and how well — they actually do quite well! It’s all in the frame material. Hobie Eyewear offers significantly lighter frames than standard sunglasses, allowing these sunglasses to float when they fall in the water. To ensure comfort for long-term wear in any environment, Floating Collection frames are highly durable and heat resistant. The lightness of the frames also provided me with additional comfort since they sat on my face for several hours at a time.

Depending on what model you select, you could have an option of up to five different lens colors for an array of different water types and weather situations. Personally, I have the Sightmaster Plus lens which is a yellow tint. I found it great for sight fishing and spotting out those sandbars in the shallows and picking out those fish swimming on the flats — especially under low-light conditions.

These nylon lenses also have an Rx option so if you are one to wear prescription glasses, don’t worry because Hobie will accommodate you with either reading glasses or distance glasses too.

All sunglasses come with Hard Case with a Micro-fiber Cloth and they are backed up by a Friendly Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.



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