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Product Review: Lithium Pros


As detailed in our April battery article, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are coming in a big way to the coastal fishing and boating community and for plenty of good reasons. A recent introduction that offers saltwater anglers an expanded choice in this product category is the Lithium Pros M3110-S 12V starting battery.

Although the new M3110-S is listed a 31-Group marine battery, the tapered profile of these lithium-ion 31’s frequently fit in the footprint of a 27-series battery tray. Such was the case when I recently converted my 228 EdgeWater center console from 27-series flooded lead acid deep-cycle batteries over to twin 31-series LiFePO4 power packs. They were just an inch or so taller and I was able to squeeze them into the fairly limited space under my console.

The Lithium Pros M3110-S electronic profile is shaped to perform as a “starting battery” with some of the highest cranking power of any other battery in its class with the equivalent of 1,500 MCA (marine cranking amps). Powered by high-power lithium-ion phosphate chemistry, employing lithium-ion cells tested to the UL1642 standard, the M3110-S/12V offers 110-amp hours (12.8 volts x 110 amp-hours =1,408 watt hours) and 260 minutes of reserve capacity, making it a top choice for saltwater anglers who demand the max for reliability, battery life and available power. I would have absolutely zero issues using this new Lithium Pros unit to power my complete array of marine electronics, a job where LiFePO4 batteries usually shine and leave lead-acid types in their wake.

To get a deeper picture of what Lithium Pros batteries bring to the table, I had a recent conversation with their President Kevin Bennett to find out more about this USA-based company that was started back in 2011. “LiFePO4 batteries provide up to five times more cycle life than lead-acid types, with 80% depth of discharge and more consistent voltage levels,” Bennett said, explaining how this creates an environment where 2,500 to 3,000 discharge cycles is not uncommon. “Lithium-ion batteries also recharge five times faster than traditional lead-acid batteries, so you can recover from deep discharges in less time,” Bennett said, adding “And unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries don’t contain toxic materials or emit harmful gasses, making them a better choice for the environment. Our lithium-ion batteries also feature a transferrable 7-year warranty.”

The Group 31 case of the Lithium Pros M3110-S measures 13 inches by 6.8 inches with a height of 8.4 inches, tipping the scales at only 31 pounds. A lead-acid type-31 with less capacity would easily weigh twice as much. Safely IP67 sealed in a lightweight housing, this Lithium Pros battery features an advanced, fully-integrated digital battery management system to ensure long battery life and trouble-free service. This system checks for over-current, under-current, short-circuit, or over-temperature and, if detected, protects the battery from damage.



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