Braided line is a juggernaut in virtually all styles of fishing. If there are any downsides, they might be the lack of stealth and expense. Earlier in 2022 Seaguar launched its new TactX Braid in an attempt to address both. TactX is a four-carrier braid, meaning it’s made from four strands, boasting a very tight and perfectly round weave. This roundness is not a universal trait of four-carrier braids, but it is an important one. Round lines pack tightly on the reel, are far less likely to dig into the spool under strain and they also fly through the guides like butter. A tight weave means that the line stays together better, reducing wind knots, tip wraps and increasing abrasion resistance.

To address the inherent lack of stealth many anglers lament when using braid, Seaguar built this line using multi-color earth tone fibers with heat-set dyes that hold their color for a very long time. The result of four fibers sporting random camo coloring, is a very natural and stealthy finish that will blend into nearly every underwater environment. As a general rule, four-carrier braids are tougher, and with the rounder shape of TactX, coupled with, what Seaguar calls it’s ‘pebble texture’, anglers will find that TactX gets high marks for durability and even has the ability to cut through vegetation.

Seaguar’s TactX braided line is available now in retail outlets around the country. It comes in all of the standard sizes; 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 , 50 , 65 and 80-pound test and is available in both 150- and 300-yard spools. TactX was released alongside Seaguar’s BasiX Fluorocarbon as part of their Seaguar 101 series. This series of lines is intended to help new anglers or those who have been away from the sport for a while to enjoy the latest technologies without breaking the bank. TactX retails for between $17 and $32.

But wait, there’s more! As if you needed more incentive to try an economically-priced, durable and stealthy braided line, each package of TactX will contain a free 5-yard spool of fluorocarbon, so that anglers can experience using industry-leading products to join their braid and leader. Anglers can scan a QR code on the box to be brought to a website where Seaguar pros will demonstrate how to tie their favorite braid-to-mono knots.

That’s a ton of value packed into a one, unassuming box of fishing line. Check out Seaguar’s TactX next time you visit your local tackle shop; it has a lot to offer; camouflage, toughness, attention to detail, educational portals and a free spool of leader material. How can you go wrong?





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