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Product Review: Shurhold Basic Boat Cleaning Kit


With the summer fading away and the harsh reality of September’s peak of the tropical storm season staring us all in the windscreen, it’s time to start thinking of cleaning up your ride and getting it ready for the harsh fall and winter months. One of the best ways to make that happen is in the form of Shurhold’s popular Basic Boat Cleaning Kit.

Whether just off the showroom floor or aging gracefully, every boat needs to be cleaned to keep it looking and performing at its best. Using its “One-Handle-Does-It-All” system as the foundation, Shurhold gathered the vital maintenance gear needed by owners into its ultimate turnkey Clean-N-Simple package, the Basic Boat Cleaning Kit. The Basic Boater Kit starts with a sturdy 6-foot Shurhold telescoping handle. Made in the USA, the heat-treated aluminum handle is triple anodized and locks at four lengths between 40 and 72 inches. It features the SHUR-LOK quick release system to quickly snap on and off the two crucial tools included in the kit: the 3-in-1 Boat Hook and a premium quality Soft Deck Brush. Boat owners only need to own and store one handle, knowing that there are over 40 different Shurhold attachments available that use this convenient and handy system. I have one of these on my EdgeWater 228CC MarCeeJay and the numerous accessory items (like a mop, boat hook, different grades of boat brush, GoPro base, etc.) all fit neatly into a 5-gallon Shurhold bucket that stows out of the way in my console.

The Basic Boater Kit includes a 32-ounce bottle of concentrated Brite Wash. This quality multipurpose boat soap cleans without stripping wax or leaving water spots behind. Along with the Brite Wash, there’s also a flexible water blade. Used in the hand or attached to the Shurhold handle with the included adapter, it sheets water away from surfaces quickly, easily and without streaks, before unsightly water spots can form to ruin the look of your ride. For the final touch, the kit includes a 14 ounce can of Serious Shine, the one-step detailing spray, and a three pack of Microfiber Towels. Add one of the cool Shurhold basic or customized buckets and you will be good to go in getting your salty girl ready for the fall season and ultimately for the winter layaway. Some of the other neat Shurhold accessory items that fit on the “One Handle Does It All” aluminum pole include an assortment of deck brush attachments, mops, extensions and adapters for convention screw-on brushes, swivel scrubbers, squeegees, fishing attachments (like gaff heads), boating attachments (like the aforementioned boat hook) and more. For additional information on the complete lineup of Shurhold boat detail products, visit


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