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Product Review: St. Croix Avid Inshore

I recently had the pleasure of testing the updated St. Croix Avid Inshore Rod, and I must say that this rod exceeded my expectations in many ways. As a dedicated saltwater angler, I always look for a rod that can withstand harsh conditions and handle various species in my area. The St. Croix Avid Inshore rod proved to be a formidable companion for stripers, bluefish, and even some weakfish.

One of the first things that struck me about this rod was its exceptional build quality. St. Croix is renowned for its craftsmanship, and the Avid Inshore does live up to this reputation. The rod is constructed from high-quality SCIII graphite, making it incredibly lightweight and ensuring impressive strength and durability. The Fuji K-Series Concept Guides are another standout feature, allowing for smooth line movement and minimizing the risk of tangles or friction. The rod’s agglomerated cork handle offers a comfortable, durable, and secure grip, even in wet conditions.

The performance of the St. Croix Avid Inshore Rod is where it truly shines. Designed with inshore fishing in mind, this rod possesses a perfect balance between power and sensitivity. It has the backbone to handle bigger stripers and hard-fighting bluefish, yet it maintains the finesse required for precise casting and detecting subtle bites when potentially flats fishing for smaller ones. I was able to cast lures with remarkable accuracy and feel the most delicate strikes, making it an ideal choice for a variety of inshore targets. The rod also demonstrated impressive power when hooking into larger fish, making it a good choice for different fishing situations.

It’s important to note that the St. Croix Avid Inshore Rod is positioned in the mid to high price range, making it an investment for many anglers. However, considering the exceptional build quality, performance, and the fact that it’s backed by St. Croix’s excellent 15-year warranty on the specific model, it is a worthy investment for those who are serious Northeast anglers. It’s a case where you get what you pay for, and you’re paying for a rod that’s built to last and perform at a high level for years to come.

The St. Croix Avid Inshore Rod is a fantastic choice for saltwater anglers who demand the best in terms of build quality, performance, and versatility. Whether you’re targeting stripers in the flats, bluefish in the back bays, or weakfish along the marshes, this rod will impress you with its exceptional performance and reliability. Overall, the St. Croix Avid Inshore Rod is a valuable addition to any angler’s arsenal and is sure to enhance fishing experiences. The series is available in 17 different spinning models and six casting models.


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