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Product Showcase: 2020 Daiwa Saltiga

Prod Spotlight SALTIGA20000HAs we’ve been reminded of late, times are tough, and only getting tougher.  So is the Daiwa Saltiga spinning reel.  With online orders dominating the tackle market this spring, it appears one of the hottest items for unboxing by saltwater anglers at home of late has been the one-piece, aluminum body Saltiga featuring magsealed body, ball bearings and line-roller.  According to Daiwa, it’s the highest level of water resistance in their history, which has created incredibly high demand.

“The first shipment was sold before it even landed and shipped out last week,” said Curt Arakawa from Daiwa in late March, explaining that new orders are currently being processed to meet the incredible demand. “This is the best saltwater spinning reel on the market,” he added.

Made in Japan, Daiwa’s new Saltiga spinning reels are built using “monocoque body” technology, which results in a smaller, lighter product with plenty of toughness.  “We had a great Saltiga reel before but now with the one piece monocoque frame it is more durable,” Arakawa told me.  A French term for “single hull” in boat building, monocoque refers to a structural system where loads are supported through an object’s external skin that carries both tensile and compressive forces.  Arakawa said Daiwa’s monocoque technology (MQ) saves design space, thus allowing for a larger, more powerful gear in a smaller, lighter reel.

Daiwa has also incorporated more drag washers – nine carbon fiber washers combined with nine durable metal washers – with 75% more drag surface, spreading the workload evenly across the drag stack.  They’ve also secured the stack on top and bottom with stabilizing bearings to decrease wear.

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic anglers have come to rely on Daiwa reels more and more in recent years due to toughness and durability in harsh conditions and even harsher targets from trophy stripers to bluefin.   Available in 8000H, 10000H, 14000XH, 18000H and 20000H series, and priced between $999 and $1,099.  Learn more at



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