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Product Showcase: Accurate Valiant Slow Pitch

Anglers have read a lot about “slow pitch” jigging on these very pages, and many have found the slow pitch style of rod to be to their liking for many different tactics. The soft tips are what give the center-weighted jigs the action but they also provide outstanding sensitivity for light bucktailing.  Of course, the perfect slow pitch rod also needs to have some backbone as well.  Gathering input and advice from their angling community, the folks at Accurate have transformed their Valiant series of rods and reels into the ultimate slow pitch weaponry.

On the stick side, the Accurate Valiant rods in the SP (slow pitch) series are solid all-around rods built with slow pitching in mind.  Lightweight and powerful, there are a dozen models which fit the Accurate BV series (300 to 600) reels, but if you’re looking to get into slow pitch jigging for sea bass, a good starting point for rod selection would be the moderate-fast action of the 6-foot, 8-inch (BV-68M-SP) medium power rod.


While the slow pitch tactic is a little more about the rod than the reel, keep in mind that working that center-weighted presentation requires special attention to the retrieve, typically quarter or half crank turns of the reel to allow the jig to dance.  Accurate’s first technique-specific reels, the Valiant BV-300-SPJ and BV-500N-SPJ, feature an extended handle arm for comfort in jig deployment, and optimum torque when battling hard-fighting bottom fish. The new power handle also provides a better grip and will reduce fatigue in deeper water.

Accurate Valiant SP series reels have the clicker removed to eliminate the possibility of line fouling and water intrusion through the side plate.  These modifications on the 300 and 500 narrow spools also reduce the weight of the reels – 9.9 ounces and 15 ounces respectively.   Each is also available in two-speed models (BV2-300-SPJ and BV2-500N-SPJ) and left-handed versions.  Other features include twin-drag, stainless steel ARB and heat-treated stainless gears and shaft. Proudly built in the U.S.A., Accurate “SP” Reels start at around $459 and SP series Valiant rods at $274.  Go to


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