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Product Spotlight: Addya Hooks

I met Dave Addya about 15 years ago at one of the winter tackle shows; pretty sure it was the Suffern Show.  He stopped by The Fisherman booth and took us for a tour of his hook line, which to be honest I felt was a tough market to crack with so many traditional manufacturers.   Dave kind of smiled when I said it, as he explained how his grandfather Suresh Addya started the small tackle business in Calcutta, India back in 1943.  As the legend goes, Suresh’s goal was to serve fishermen who braved the challenging fishing conditions in the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Ganges River.

He worked hard, and despite his humble beginning, through his efforts the firm grew from a small retail shop to a robust and reputed Importer, Distributor and Retailer of Commercial and Sport Fishing gear.  By 2014 Dave Addya formed ADDYA Outdoors Inc. USA to deliver on the growing needs of Innovative Anglers for custom-made terminal tackle on a turnkey basis. Dave and his team are now based New York City which why you’ve probably bumped into him along the way as well, and why there’s some global approaches to more regional Northeast needs.

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One of the latest offerings from Addya hooks comes at the right time as we transition along the Striper Coast to heavy plugging in the months ahead.  For those who prefer single inline replacement hooks when swapping out those clumsy trebles the 2X Brazed Eye, vacuum tin single inline replacement hooks are available in 4/0 and 5/0 sizes and cost just $9.99 for a five count.

In terms of meeting bait rigging requirements along the Striper Coast this fall, give a look at the Addya Wide Bite Inline Circle Hooks. Austempered, with a chemically sharpened, power point, the black chrome Wide Bite Inline Circle Hooks from Addya are sized up to 14/0, but in terms of the striper sweet spot you’ll find the two count of 10/0, the three count of 8/0 and the five count of 6/0 for $7.99.

Available in over 500 stores, most are east of Mississippi, with a line of snelled hooks for freshwater and saltwater, rod slings and dehookers. All Addya products are not made in China.  Learn more at


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