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Product Spotlight: Calcutta Cooler Cart Wheel Kit

“Hey, did you see those new wheels he got?” Those are typically the words you hear when a friend gets new tires on his car. I have to admit that the sight and idea of new wheels on a vehicle does bring me a lot of satisfaction. Being an old-school kind of person, having a new set of BF Goodrich or General Grabbers on my truck is just the trick when it needs a bit of facelift.

calcutta-cooler-frontCalcutta gives the term “new wheels” a whole new meaning with their cooler cart wheel kit. This product is made to fit most coolers on the market these days and transforms a bulky object into something you can wheel around with ease. Any adventure or fishing trip you go on that requires keeping items cold just got a whole lot easier.

The kit includes two 7-inch never-flat tires, rubber cushions to protect your cooler, and all the necessary hardware. Installation can be done by yourself in a matter of minutes. With this simple product, you don’t have to call a buddy to help you move a heavy cooler – typically a task that adds unnecessary time to any trip.

Whether it’s going from the car to the boat dock with a cooler full of ice, wheeling a cooler full of bait and drinks down a long dock you plan to fish or when unloading a long day’s offshore bounty, this cooler turns this tiring task at any point of your trip into an effortless one. This product retails for $74.99.

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