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Product Spotlight: Dexter Outdoors Dextreme Dual-Edge Fillet Knives

DEXTREME01Fishermen, by definition, are known to be gear obsessed and we’re living in a time when new fishing innovations seem to burst onto the scene daily. Some innovations are nothing more than silly gimmicks while others leave you saying, “why didn’t I think of that!?” That’s how I felt when I first picked up one of these Dextreme Dual-Edge Fillet Knives.

What’s the one thing we all want in a fillet knife, over and above everything else? We want a razor-sharp blade that holds its edge longer than the average knife. Right? No matter how you slice it, when you go to make that first cut into any fish with scaly skin, you’re wreaking havoc on that surgically sharp blade edge. But we all do it and we all do our best to keep that edge sharp, and all of us know it’s hard keeping that edge factory sharp.

The think tank at Dexter Outdoors hatched a novel plan, instead of trying to engineer some new space-aged steel or hiring a samurai blade maker, they made a play to protect the blade by offering a second scalloped and serrated edge on the back of the knife for making that first cut through the scales or for cutting through tough bones. Now you wish you thought of that too, don’t you?


These Dual-Edge blades are available in three sizes, 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch, and each size is available in stiff and flexible models. I love them because they have a big, brightly-colored, no-slip DEXGRIP handle making them safer to use easier to find too. I like that the sheath grips and guides the blade into place and features plenty of ventilation to allow the knife to dry quickly without tarnishing. And I love that the blade holds its edge for a lot longer than other knives I’ve used in the past, that serrated top edge is so useful, I don’t think I could go back to using one without it.

The Dextreme Dual-Edge Fillet Knives retail between $43 and $48 and can be found at your local retailer or online. For more information please visit



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