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Product Spotlight: Engel Drybox Coolers

The Engel Drybox Cooler is perfect whether you need to keep things hot, cold, dry or all three

Engel Drybox CoolersThe original and still the best, Engel Coolers are the gold standard in high-performance, durable and affordable coolers, and so much more. Since 1962 people who’ve needed to keep things cold have turned to Engel, the pioneer in cooling and portable refrigeration. With a line of products that includes soft coolers, hard coolers that double as dry boxes, drink wear, bait boxes and more, there is an Engel product to meet the needs of every outdoorsman.

The Engel Drybox Cooler is perfect whether you need to keep things hot, cold, dry or all three! They are totally waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet, and they keep liquid in, or out, depending on how they’re being used. The drybox cooler is available in four sizes (7 quart, 13 quart, 19 quart and 30 quart), six standard colors (white, grassland, tan, pink, blue, and silver) and two high-visibility colors (bright orange and bright yellow). Engel drybox coolers are perfect for keeping food fresh; for storing sensitive electrical equipment like cameras, medical supplies or safety equipment; and since they float they can be used as a ditch bag. The high visibility orange and yellow models are great for use as a cooler and dry box on a kayak, adding to an angler’s visibility on the water.

Once you have your cooler/drybox, you can trick it out to your needs with a bunch of great accessories direct from Engel, including a tie-down kit to make sure your cooler stays put, drybox cooler foam feet to prevent it from sliding on a wet deck, a cooler cushion to convert your cooler drybox into additional seating, rod holders (perfect for when using the cooler drybox on a kayak!), and more. All Engel cooler dryboxes are backed by a 5-year warranty. Prices range from $49.99 to $94.99 depending on model. Check them out at your nearest authorized Engel dealer or online at


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