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Product Spotlight: Engel Soft Sided Cooler Tote

The 32-quart Heavy-Duty Soft-Sided Cooler Tote Bag by Engel is the perfect choice from beach and inshore to offshore fishing. Weighing in at only 5.25 pounds, this lightweight cooler is a breeze to transport and it can hold ice from three to four days which offers an advantage to those spending multiple days out on the water. This is possible due to welded seams and closed-cell foam insulation, preventing air from passing through it and improving the thermal range of the cooler.

As a fisherman, this cooler has a couple of immediate uses that will benefit me while doing what I love. During the hot times of the year, temperatures can get rather hot quickly. With this being the case, the heat can slow me down drastically while fishing. Staying hydrated and fed is very important. Having a cooler that will keep drinks or food cold for multiple days maximizes my time fishing. Another added advantage is the soft-sided Engel cooler allows me to tuck it away in tight spaces. This is highly important for someone who brings a lot down to the water and likes to pack with precision. A cooler like this has no issues being situated in the back seat of a truck, giving you more truck or bed space for other items.


When heading to the inshore or offshore grounds, keeping the bait secure and cold is extremely important. Whether you’re going fluke fishing and need to keep the squid and spearing frozen or you’re spending multiple days in the canyon and you have to keep the ballyhoo pristine, this soft-sided cooler has you covered. A waterproof and air-resistant zipper will keep the contents at the coldest possible temperature. The cooler is also light and easy enough to be carried on and off the boat with the addition of its heavy-duty handles and single padded strap. Keep in mind that new in this cooler is patent-pending vacuum valve technology. Users should use a vacuum to suck out excess air before the first use for optimum performance.

The added durability of this cooler is top of the line. An outer shell composed of durable 840 denier fibers and an outer wall constructed with Thermal Plastic Urethane will keep the contents you pack from getting damaged along with prolonging the life of the cooler. These coolers are available in three different color patterns and retail for $239.99. To check them out visit


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