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Product Spotlight: Fish Lab Mack Attack Hard Swimbait


Multi-segmented swimbaits are all the rage in freshwater fishing but they are only just barely catching on in the salt. Most striper anglers are aware of their effectiveness in the Cape Cod Canal but they are grossly underused outside the Big Ditch. Fish Lab Lures has become known for their attention to detail and for offering anglers a new spin. The Mack Attack Hard Swimbait continues that trend.

This multi-segmented swimbait is not just another clone, it is its own entity that stands out among the many others in its class. It boasts a wider, fishier profile and presents as a massive meal for a giant fish. It comes in two sizes, 7 inches and 9 inches and each one comes in two sink rates, fast and slow. Both sizes boast a wider profile than any other bait in their size class. The slow-sink versions will quickly find a place among your favorite lures to throw to actively feeding fish. When ‘waked’ quickly on the surface, they will draw jaw-dropping strikes. But, thanks to their generous waistline, they displace more water, making it easier to fish them at slower speeds as well. The fast-sink versions excel in fast water or any time you want to deliver a lifelike profile to stubborn fish hanging deep in the column.

As the name suggests, the Mack Attacks are made to replicate mackerel, but they will do a fine job mimicking bunker, herring, mullet and many other medium to large baitfish. Most of the colors are adorned with mackerel stripes, but the fish don’t look as closely as we do; the bone color will be a great all around choice, the purple mackerel will work fine for herring and mullet and if you need to look like a mackerel, well, the minds at Fish Lab have that covered in spades. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.  Go to



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