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Product Spotlight: Fishbites EZ Pro

fishbites-ez-proHere’s an exciting new product from Fishbites; their EZ Pro Offshore Baits. These new baits feature an extra-durable formulation that will stand up to toothy opponents and skilled bait-stealers like tilefish and sea bass. Even if you’re fishing extreme depths or extra-sticky bottom, this bait will absolutely stay on the hook the whole way down unlike a softer natural baits, like a clam or squid, which may fall off once it hits the bottom or after the first bite. Imagine dropping a bait hundreds of feet down to the bottom for a tilefish and it comes off after one hit that you miss? These baits are intended to be fished whole for best results and are proven to stay on the hook longer.

Fishbites uses a concentrated scent formulation that replicates the natural chemicals fish use to detect and track their prey. All baits from Fishbites gradually dissolve in water, releasing a trail of powerful feeding stimulants. When fish bite, they hold on longer because the flavor and texture are similar to their natural prey, offering anglers a longer window to set the hook. The key behind the durability of the EZ Pro Offshore Baits is the cloth binder molded into the middle of each bait, which ensures that they can take abuse and keep catching fish.

The new baits come in three different scents – shrimp, crab, and squid. The Fishbites EZ Pro Offshore Baits come in a rectangular slab, approximately 4 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide by a 1/4-inch thick. You also have three colors to choose from: blue/white, pink/white, and chartreuse/white. Each pack contains four baits and retails for $11.99.



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