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Product Spotlight: Fuji LKW Mid-Weight K-Series Casting Guide

The Fuji LKW is a true K-Series Tangle-Free guide with a lighter frame and shorter footprint than popular KW frames.

Product SpotlightThe latest addition to the Fuji K series, the LKW is a physically-lighter, medium-duty double-foot guide with a tangle-free sloped frame perfect for lighter applications in salt and freshwater rod design. Tailored after Fuji’s popular LN frames, the LKW has the short footprint and light frame to make it a top choice on applications where saving weight is a concern. The guides are available in five ring sizes (6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 16), three ring types (Slim SIC, Alconite and Fazlite) and three frame colors (gunmetal, matte silver and matte grey) to perfectly match your next custom build.

“All guides in the K Series feature a sloped ring and tangle-free frame design,” Said Jim Ising, Anglers Resource Marketing Director at ICAST 2019. “The new LKW guides save weight over the standard K series guides with a smaller footprint and frame design. However, when you shorten the footprint you sometimes have a problem with torque and the rod wants to twist in the angler’s hands under load. The engineering on LKW is extensive right down to the foot, which features a winged edge to better hold the blank without adding weight and reducing any torque felt by the angler.”

The LKW series will find applications in many forms including stripper guides on fly rods, full guide sets on conventional casting rods and even runners on larger surf rods where tip weight is a concern. Providing less weight with unrivaled strength, check out the LKW series of guides for your next custom rod project.



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