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Product Spotlight: Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+

RHODANAnchors are obsolete thanks to the Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor. The inventor of this product has been testing and refining this product for many years and the result of all that testing is now available to anglers all over the world. The GPS Anchor+ can be controlled by remote control (fob), so if you end up getting in on a hot bite, you only need to reach into your pocket for the fob, click a button and the Rhodan will do the rest, keeping within a few feet of the marked position for the duration of the bite while you concentrate on the fish.

Rhodan Marine Systems has incorporated a remarkable micro-computer module that utilizes a high definition GPS receiver to monitor and control the trolling motor. The quiet and powerful thruster pumps out an impressive 120 pounds of thrust (36V), 80 pounds (24V) or 55 pounds (12V). In addition, each system comes with a wireless fob, a quick-release mount and a three-blade propeller.

In ‘anchor mode’ the Anchor+ will hold position while compensating for wind, tide and waves and you can jog your position in five foot increments in four directions. If you switch into ‘track mode’ you will able to set the motor to run a prerecorded path, this way you can fish your favorite shorelines without having to make manual corrections—you can just fish. In ‘manual mode’ the Rhodan Anchor+ will act just like any other trolling motor, except you will be able to control speed, direction and course using the fob. In advanced mode you can use 12 memory locations to record spots or tracks that want to return to—the paths can run as far as 1000 miles, more than you will ever need!

The HD GPS Anchor+ from Rhodan is a phenomenal fishing tool that will change the game for any inshore fisherman. Never drop anchor again, never worry about steering along a favorite shoreline again… never miss a cast again. It may sound dramatic, but this thing will change your life!



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